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Philomena' the movie, DP'd by Robbie Ryan= Beautifully shot!
  • Went yesterday to watch this film, I loved the cinematography. I only wish more movies were shot this way. There was no CGI, or ridiculous un-motivated shots to stimulate the dumbed down unappreciative masses. Nope, just good old cinema at it's best, where shot composition, natural lighting, and film stock are used as a tool to tell the story and create a feel unmatched by silly computer generated effects, even though the majority of the film was shot on the Arri Alexa. However, when the s16 made it's appearance, it worked wonderfully well to convey time change and a feeling of saddened loneliness. The acting was also fantastically convincing, there's no silicone injected duck lip plastic people with bleached white Chiclet teeth and a side of Botox, really, It didn't need the Hollywood glamour and all the façade that goes with. The acting, cinematography and script was more than adequate to tell this story. My only critique was the scoring, don't get me wrong, it's not that it was bad, I just feel it didn't convey as much emotion as it could have, of course it's subjective and being that I'm life long musician, I tend to be somewhat critical. Others may disagree. In closing, If you want to kill a couple hrs. and gorge yourself with some cinematic eye candy, it's well worth the price of admission and a box of popcorn.

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