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    Camera Sales: Sony and transition to Full Frame
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      We see price increase clearly. We also see that all mirrorless Sony sales are not rising. And only rise is in full frame cameras segment.

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    Tim Berners-Lee or what happens if you are political imbecile
    • Today, the world wide web turns 29. This year marks a milestone in the web’s history: for the first time, we will cross the tipping point when more than half of the world’s population will be online.

      The divide between people who have internet access and those who do not is deepening existing inequalities, inequalities that pose a serious global threat. Unsurprisingly, you’re more likely to be offline if you are female, poor, live in a rural area or a low-income country, or some combination of the above.

      Big surprise.

      In 2016, the UN declared internet access a human right, on par with clean water, electricity, shelter and food. But until we make internet access affordable for all, billions will continue to be denied this basic right.

      Really? And other so called "human rights" , are they actually available to everyone already? No? May be because "human rights" is bullshit made to distract people?

      The web that many connected to years ago is not what new users will find today. What was once a rich selection of blogs and websites has been compressed under the powerful weight of a few dominant platforms. This concentration of power creates a new set of gatekeepers, allowing a handful of platforms to control which ideas and opinions are seen and shared.

      Another big surprise. Tim suddenly discovered how economics work under capitalism. Yes, Tim, it is imperialism on other side of your window. Big monopolies who become even bigger all around.

      These dominant platforms are able to lock in their position by creating barriers for competitors. They acquire startup challengers, buy up new innovations and hire the industry’s top talent. Add to this the competitive advantage that their user data gives them and we can expect the next 20 years to be far less innovative than the last.

      Well, each big capitalist does all the same, And they did it even 150 year ago, Tim.

      In recent years, we’ve seen conspiracy theories trend on social media platforms, fake Twitter and Facebook accounts stoke social tensions, external actors interfere in elections, and criminals steal troves of personal data.

      Tim, it is your beloved capitalism in natural form, and of course you like to call everything t like as "conspiracy theory" or 'fake news" or "interference".

      Today’s powerful digital economy calls for strong standards that balance the interests of both companies and online citizens. This means thinking about how we align the incentives of the tech sector with those of users and society at large, and consulting a diverse cross section of society in the process.

      Ouch, and this is call to fascism. Idea of negation of classes and idea to find and promote common interests of big capital and worker. Nothing new.

      While the problems facing the web are complex and large, I think we should see them as bugs: problems with existing code and software systems that have been created by people – and can be fixed by people. Create a new set of incentives and changes in the code will follow. We can design a web that creates a constructive and supportive environment.

      And idea to view the web as some tech thing outside society is utterly stupid.

      I want the web to reflect our hopes and fulfill our dreams, rather than magnify our fears and deepen our divisions. Let’s assemble the brightest minds from business, technology, government, civil society, the arts and academia to tackle the threats to the web’s future.

      And this is called idealism. To tackle the threats you need to change society, Tim. It is just a little problem, as it seems like you are on the side of people who made all this shite.

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    Youtube to become ministry of truth
    • YouTube will add information from Wikipedia to videos about popular conspiracy theories to provide alternative viewpoints on controversial subjects, its CEO said today. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said that these text boxes, which the company is calling “information cues,” would begin appearing on conspiracy-related videos within the next couple of weeks.

      Nice, very nice. Next they will add proper government information to all videos not fully matching government views.

    4 comments 5 comments Vitaliy_KiselevMarch 2018Last reply - March 2018 by MirrorMan Subscribe to this blog
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    End of 30 minute EU limit coming
    • This thing causing 30 minute limit:

      With a view to ensuring uniform classification of goods across the European Union, the Commission has indeed adopted Explanatory notes to the Combined Nomenclature of the European Union setting out criteria to distinguish between ‘still image cameras with a video camera function’ and ‘video camera recorders with a still image function’, the length of the single sequence of video being just one of them. Video camera recorders are subject to import duty of 4.9% or 14%, still image cameras are duty free.

      Seems to finally end in a year or so

      On 17 June 2016, the Council concluded, on behalf of the EU, an international agreement on the expansion of trade in information technology products.

      The agreement expands the product coverage of a 1996 agreement to reflect technological developments.

      It was agreed in Nairobi on 16 December 2015 in the margins of the World Trade Organisation's tenth ministerial conference.

      The text commits 50 parties, including the EU's 28 member states, to eliminate tariffs on IT products in four stages over a three-year period ending on 1 July 2019. Each of the parties have submitted schedules for the elimination of tariffs. They also agree to intensify consultations on non-tariff barriers in the IT sector.


      But coming trade wars can again disturb this.

    8 comments 9 comments Vitaliy_KiselevMarch 2018Last reply - March 2018 by Vitaliy_Kiselev Subscribe to this blog
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    Capitalism: Inflation in servers segment
    • Servers marker size in the last year was $18,6 billions, it is 25,7 % rise from $14,8 billions one year ago.

      Yet, actual number of servers sold increased only at 8.8% YoY.

      So rising cost of NAND and RAM also affected servers costs despite usually very long and special contracts at this market.

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    Mergers: Intel wants to buy nesting doll of Broadcom, Qualcomm and NXP
    1 comment 2 comments Vitaliy_KiselevMarch 2018Last reply - July 2018 by Vitaliy_Kiselev Subscribe to this blog
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    TV Market: Time to start producing 4K content
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      The research showed TV unit shipments of all resolution types and sizes to North America dropped 5% to 41.1 million for the full year, with the bulk of the drop-off impacting mostly mid- and small-screen sets with HD and Full HD resolution levels. This is forecast to reverse slightly in 2018 with overall shipments climbing 2% to 42.6 million units – still below 2016 levels.

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