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    How to permanently switch to HTML from stuff GMail imbeciles made
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    Capitalism: Google battle with progress and it's casualities
    • A 64-page report released by Google claimed progress in the war on "piracy", but also noted a new battlefront in the form of "add-on" software that can be installed on legitimate open-source media players such as the Kodi box to illicitly stream copyrighted content.

      It is war and new battlefronts. How interesting ruling class started to use terms.

      Set-top boxes with suspicious add-ons are removed from Google Shopping, while apps with pre-installed "Kodi add-ons" giving access to pirate sites are removed from the Play Store, according to the internet firm.

      Removed from Google Shopping, mine god. Is it free or you need to pay them for this?

      Research from MPAA found only about 19% of traffic to pirate sites comes from search engines,83 and if reasonable assumptions are applied, data from this study indicates this number may be closer to 7%.84 Further, research that Google co-sponsored with PRS for Music in the U.K. confirmed that traffic from search engines is not what keeps these sites in business.

      And it is nice thing, as avoiding Google is good idea.

      As Google removed around 3 billion URLs without any court order, just by bots filling forms (btw it is for long time used to damage normal sites).

      A YouTube "Content ID" tool creates digital fingerprints of sorts of copyrighted content and then automatically detects it online, allowing owners to have it removed or monetized.

      Actually Youtube ID is absurd idiotic thing. Where owner of 5 seconds of music can get 100% of money for very complex and useful video. Why it is possible? Because owner is setting the rules around, and poor creator is at most just petty bourgeoisie with lot of phantasies.

      Google and their friends had been able to pause progress in free information spreading due to few actions that allowed them to slow it down, including introduction of torrents into mainstream - it allowed to focus fight on web space again and detect and filter almost fixed protocol.

      Next phase will be move from sites back into complex clients, with added invention of extremely complex dynamic protocols that can mimic existing ones to overload filtering/detection stages in routers.

    6 comments 7 comments Vitaliy_KiselevNovember 2018Last reply - November 2018 by endotoxic Subscribe to this blog
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    Fun Chinese 45 degree gimbals patents story
    • image

      It is so much bullshit - as prototype of such gimbal as well as implementation was made by controller maker - BaseCam (AlexMos) .

      First real such gimbal had been made by Filmpower.

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    November 7th
    • image

      The old system is breaking down and decaying. That is true. But it is also true that new efforts are being made by other methods, by every means, to protect, to save this dying system.

      You rightly state that the old world is breaking down. But you are wrong in thinking that it is breaking down of its own accord. No, the substitution of one social system for another is a complicated and long revolutionary process. It is not simply a spontaneous process, but a struggle, it is a process connected with the clash of classes. Capitalism is decaying, but it must not be compared simply with a tree which has decayed to such an extent that it must fall to the ground of its own accord. No, revolution, the substitution of one social system for another, has always been a struggle, a painful and a cruel struggle, a life and death struggle.

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    Capitalism: Next step of ruling class aka piracy violations
    • AT&T plans to alert over a dozen customers in the next week or two that their service will be terminated due to copyright infringement, anonymous sources told Axios. AT&T created its own policies on piracy last year, and this is its first time ending a customer’s service in accordance with the new rules.

      These dozen-plus customers have received at least nine warnings that they might be infringing on copyrights before AT&T could cancel their service, as AT&T’s new policies state. AT&T told Axios that owners of the content notified the company when they found an internet connection was illegally distributing copyrighted material. The customers who did not modify their behavior accordingly will now have their services terminated.

      We now have constantly decreasing in size bunch of oppressors aka ruling class, and it is perfectly legal to do so according to their laws.

      Always remember - law is the will of the ruling class transformed into legal regulations. It is not your will, society will or just something useful.

      You need revolution and repression (oppressors want you to fear this word) of former ruling class to get rid of such things as copyright and move society to progress.

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    19 minutes full of reasons why you must never pay even $1 to Adobe
    • Besides being bad documentary made to promote bad company, of course.

      They paid the flight and accommodation for my trip. Nothing else when it comes to work itself.

    4 comments 5 comments Vitaliy_KiselevNovember 2018Last reply - November 2018 by NickBen Subscribe to this blog
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    Next slow step by Chrome
    • As of December, Chrome 71 will block all ads on the "small number" of sites that consistently use these tactics, whether they're producing fake system errors or trying to steer you to unwanted sites. It won't yank ads right away when Google determines that something is rotten, but there won't be much time - after Google flags issues in an Abusive Experiences report, site owners will have 30 days to mend their ways.

      On next step, conditions to become in this list will be more loose until they reach just simple "any ads that are not supplied by Google itself".

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