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    Capitalism: Meet your future - one year in prison for visiting banned site
    • Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi has ratified an anti-cybercrime law that rights groups say paves the way for censoring online media.

      The law, published Saturday in the country’s official gazette, empowers authorities to order the blocking of websites that publish content considered a threat to national security. Viewers attempting to access blocked sites can also be sentenced to one year in prison or fined up to EGP100,000 ($5,593) under the law.

      Last month, Egypt’s parliament approved a bill placing personal social media accounts and websites with over 5,000 followers under the supervision of the top media authority, which can block them if they’re found to be disseminating false news.

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    Capitalism: Ruling class in EU is looking for exitemists, meaning - for you
    • EU is drafting legislation to force Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other internet companies to delete material when law enforcement flags it as extremist-related.

      New rule would mandate removing that content within an hour of receiving notice.

      Europeans "cannot afford to relax or become complacent" in dealing with extremism.

      The EU is poised to publish the draft legislation in September.

      What it can be if hour or less is required for removal of such content? Well, it'll be any information of upcoming mass protests or information about happened protests. Yep, this is that will be called "extreme extremism" within next two years, openly.

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    Capitalism: CMOS sensor shortage, price is rising
    • Cost up and shortage situation is now spreading to CMOS image sensor components segment. Early 2018, Mainland China high-end lens and motor are facing shortage situation. Huawei and other Chinese brands are pulling in volume, causing the shortage of CMOS chipset. Global CMOS leaders Sony and OmniVision are under-supply. Orders are shifting to Pixart, Silicon Optronics (SOI), Sunnic Group and other Taiwan-based vendors.

      This follows the shortages of capacitors, resistors, discrete MOSFETs, lenses, AF motors, and other components in the recent months.

      Invincible hand works perfect.

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    Rec 2020 - Another issues
    • With usual Rec 709 primary colors most common approach is to use simple wide spectrum light source (like white diodes) and just filter out necessary light using subpixels. It is very cheap, good learned and stable thing.

      For Rec 2020 (and similar color spaces) for display you need narrow color source or quantum dots with wider source. Problem is - narrow sources need thermal stabilization to make your primary colors stable :-) And quantum dots have their own issues besides capitalists who use patents to jack their prices.


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    PV Lab: Detecting individual photon for cheap
    • -

      Here it is simple red led GaP led with strong reverse bias voltage near breakdown turning it into avalanche photodiode

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    Extremely short FAQ on Tramp actions
    • Could he just follow previous global trade and minimal fees strategy?

      No, as representative and just tool of ruling class (you don't expect finger getting his own though) he must follow interests of ruling class.
      And delay with fees on China goods could end up very bad for big remaining US monopolies.
      Biggest danger is on smartphones, computer market, wireless equipment markets.
      Hence we see closed market for biggest Chinese brands, ban for buying wireless equipment.

      What fill follow?

      More and wider fees. Slow turn of propaganda machine to form new evil empire, it is slow process.
      Next clash will happen in internet where, to sudden surprise, US will start to form barriers and extreme censorship in areas where it is vulnerable.
      And, of course, will push "no barriers" agenda where they are much more powerful for now.

      But he already declared Greatness archieved..

      I have already MADE America Great Again, just look at the markets, jobs, military- setting records, and we will do even better.

      Unfortunately such greatness always ends with tens of millions of dead people. Rule of capitalism.

    1 comment 2 comments Vitaliy_KiselevAugust 2018Last reply - August 2018 by Vitaliy_Kiselev Subscribe to this blog
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