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    Coronavirus: Small business carnage
    • New rumors are that closing will keep for 3-4 months at least.

      Closing of borders and food/small shops closure will keep 2-3 years (some statements of Eastern European officials).

      It is expected that 30% of small businesses will go down in 2 months, another 50% in 5 months and last towards end of the year.

      We will see some stimulus packages, but none of them will allow business owners and workers to survive themselves (as they will cover only some recurring payments and taxes).

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    Sony needs to fight to survive
    • Reuters has reported that Daniel Loeb’s hedge fund Third Point LLC is building a stake in Sony again to push for changes that include shedding some businesses.

      If they manage to split mobile Sensors department into other company it can mean instant end of smartphones part, as well as slow death of consumer and pro cameras (as almost all development is being done together now, and 90% of development costs is being paid by smartphone users!).

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    Interesting Sudden Revelation
    • Google announced that it is pausing upcoming Chrome and Chrome OS releases due to adjusted work schedules. The goal, Google said in a tweet, is to ensure the releases "continue to be stable, secure, & reliable for anyone who depends on them."

      So, for software to be actually secure and reliable we must not allow more unsecure stuff and bugs that developers add with each update.
      Just one issue, it is 180 degrees turn from previous statements.

    1 comment 2 comments Vitaliy_KiselevMarch 24Last reply - March 25 by Vitaliy_Kiselev Subscribe to this blog
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    Coronavirus: Why capitalism is worst virus we have
    • So, lets take official point of view and think about real measures that must be taken.

      1. Quick arranging of modern hospitals with fully isolated small rooms, very god mobile data and video chat and oversee available for EACH of patients. Relatives must be able to see parameters and video feed 24/7. Instead we have extremely slow building of stadium size structures (like in early 20th century) and complete lack of relatives support (that can fee thousands of medics).
      2. Fast design of simple and repairable model and building hundreds of thousands of oxygen concentrators. Nothing is being done, except slow ramping of production. As 80% of them are being made in China (with delivery now expected in 5-8 months), production is very bad in China. Same is true for ventilators, as capitalist hope to again sell to governments extremely expensive models, they are afraid that society can see real cost of such things.
      3. Fast design and production of good washable masks with gel inserts (for sealing and comfort) and replaceable filters. Such masks can be used 1-3 months each. Instead we have idiots from politicians running around with dollars in their hand trying to buy more cheap one time use masks. Again, biggest hope of this guys is China.
      4. Fast design and production of comfort glasses for medics. None is being done except slow ramping of production, again most are Chinese.
      5. All tests production must be put under social control, with each batch being randomly tested and distributed by society. All corporations and capitalists must be considered enemy of the republic, especially their bio weapons labs who make it now. As it is tests that are being used for manipulations now.
      6. Production of tests to detect people who are past this and gained immunity. Instant return of all such people back into economy. Constant TV and internet coverage of them, so people see how normal life returns.

      Present capitalism is doing NOTHING from this list. And not by accident.

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    Coronavirus: Another view on deaths
    • If you look at officials statements you will see that this guys assume that all beds in hospitals will be somehow dedicated to coronavirus patients. As well as all oxygen equipment.

      It is just one problem, almost all beds are taken by people who have illnesses, and usually all of this conditions have much higher death rate compared to coronavirus.

      So, approach to fight new virus by transferring all advanced resources to it can be called... genocide. As you can have much more dead (from people that don't have this virus) than you will save from coronavirus.

      Add to this big number of people who will now die in their homes due to lack of proper medical visits and too busy personell.

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    Good quote: On present moment
    • There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.

      V. Lenin

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    Bad Design: Apple and their horrible non waterproof keyboards
    • Guys, try to at least make it ala ThinkBoook design, if original Thinkpad idea is too rocket science for you (it is now even for Lenovo :-) )

    1 comment 2 comments Vitaliy_KiselevMarch 23Last reply - March 23 by Vitaliy_Kiselev Subscribe to this blog
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    Coronavirus: Mistery of vaccines
    • For years all mass media told us that vaccines are 100% safe and can't cause any issues. And everyone who tell opposite is moron and must be banned. Early this year we had special AI tools installed by Facebook and Youtube to punish everyone who ask any questions.

      Here comes coronavirus. Lot of countries and companies report how they already made vaccine, but it needs ONE YEAR for tests. Usually here they become silent. Why one year? What are being tested? It turns out that they want to test only big health complications that vaccine can cause. As modern vaccine is artificial and presents only parts of proteins it can cause everything, as similar parts can be found in lot of normal cells. Surprise, surprise.

      Overall it looks like ruling class is in complete control and wants panic to spread and continue under careful supervision and with assistance from mass media.

    9 comments 10 comments Vitaliy_KiselevMarch 23Last reply - March 24 by Vitaliy_Kiselev Subscribe to this blog
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