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    VR Headsets Sales Dropped 34% YoY
    • According to International Data Corporation (IDC), VR headset sales slumped 33,7% in second quarter of 2018 compared to 2017.

      Sales of smartphone based VR headsets dropped from 1 million to 409 thousands only.

      Computer connected ones dropped 37.3%.

      Only one rising niche is the devices that work by themselves - with most horrible graphics and performance, as they are being pushed by media now.

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    Capitalism: Both Canon R and Nikon Z mounts protocols are closed
    • Both companies officially confirmed that they will fully close any information on protocols used.

      Industry rumor is that both companies use strong encryption and SSL like handshake to prevent any usage of third party optics for at least few years.
      Proprietary encryption will also allows to sue any third party optics maker.

      Prices on optics for all new systems must set records and from day one this prediction seems to be true.

    2 comments 3 comments Vitaliy_KiselevSeptember 2018Last reply - September 2018 by Vitaliy_Kiselev Subscribe to this blog
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    Google next mission: Killing the URL and replace them with paid navigation system
    • Google wants to rethink the URL. Speaking to Wired, Chrome's engineering manager Adrienne Porter Felt said: "They're hard to read, it's hard to know which part of them is supposed to be trusted, and in general I don't think URLs are working as a good way to convey site identity. So we want to move toward a place where web identity is understandable by everyone—they know who they're talking to when they're using a website and they can reason about whether they can trust them. But this will mean big changes in how and when Chrome displays URLs. We want to challenge how URLs should be displayed and question it as we're figuring out the right way to convey identity."

      Chrome's director of engineering, Parisa Tabriz, told Wired, "I don't know what this will look like, because it's an active discussion in the team right now. But I do know that whatever we propose is going to be controversial. That's one of the challenges with a really old and open and sprawling platform. Change will be controversial whatever form it takes. But it's important we do something, because everyone is unsatisfied by URLs. They kind of suck."

      Watch out for this, as first they will force all sites to SSL, next start approving SSL, next start getting fees for approval of each page, and later will start to get fees to having you in search and be allowed in their browser. This guys think big.

    5 comments 6 comments Vitaliy_KiselevSeptember 2018Last reply - September 2018 by jleo Subscribe to this blog
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    S. Korea: Falling birthrate
    • image

      Reached Japan


      This is how capitalism prosperity looks and feels:

      “It is a sin for parents to introduce a child into such a difficult world”

      “I don’t even have enough time to date, having a child is out of the question”

      “Sometimes I wish the fertility rate would continue to decline and the humankind just disappear”

    4 comments 5 comments Vitaliy_KiselevSeptember 2018Last reply - September 2018 by Vitaliy_Kiselev Subscribe to this blog
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    UK: Press and media asked to make new internet censorship board
    • TV broadcasters, mobile network and internet service providers has urged the UK government to strengthen its oversight of social media companies. In a letter to The Sunday Telegraph, executives from the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, as well as Sky, BT and TalkTalk, called for a new, independent regulator to help tackle fake news, child exploitation, harassment and other growing issues online. "We do not think it is realistic or appropriate to expect internet and social media companies to make all the judgment calls about what content is and is not acceptable, without any independent oversight," the collective wrote.

      Independent, growing issues.

      "This is not about censoring the internet: it is about making the most popular internet platforms safer, by ensuring there is accountability and transparency over the decisions these private companies are already taking."

      Ouch, censorship is not about censorship.

      Ruling class is sending himself letter using his prostitute media.

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    10 years of Google Chrome - worst browser ever made by humans
    • Google Chrome had been conceived by top Google management in series of secret meetings more than 10 years, but first public release happened exactly 10 year ago.

      Idea of new browser had been very complex - to fully track all users of the browser, track and punish competitive advertisement channels, help hold and improve search monopoly and, finally, to start being private corporative censor with perspective to get fixed payment for the right to be opened in Chrome.

      Few years ago Google with other media organized campaign to discredit certificate providers they could not control, punished them without any law by banning fully in their browsers/ And as soon as goal had been archieved they started moving fast. Later this year they want to start marking any non SSL site as dangerous and next year want to make big splash screen and further lower search position of all so called "non secure sites". Due to planned campaign Google controlled company now issue around 95% of all free SSL certificates. Next year they plan to add new requirements to get such free thing and it is not hard that fight with "fake news" will be among them.

      In few years ahead it'll become clear how big and grand the plan was. Plan not in the interests of the people, but instead made fully against their interests.

    11 comments 12 comments Vitaliy_KiselevSeptember 2018Last reply - September 2018 by brianl Subscribe to this blog
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    Capitalism: Trump policies positive results found finally ... in CEOs income
    • A new study released by the Economic Policy Institute shows that CEOs are compensated 312 times more than their average workers. The average CEO was compensated $18.9 million in 2017, which is an increase of 17.6% from the previous year. In comparison, workers compensation has increased only 0.3% over the same period.

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