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    Capitalism: Billionaire fortunes grew by $2.5 billion a day
    • Billionaire fortunes increased by 12 percent last year – or $2.5 billion a day - while the 3.8 billion people who make up the poorest half of humanity saw their wealth decline by 11 percent, reveals a new report from Oxfam today.

      Every day 10,000 people die because they lack access to affordable healthcare. In developing countries, a child from a poor family is twice as likely to die before the age of five than a child from a rich family. In countries like Kenya a child from a rich family will spend twice as long in education as one from a poor family.

      “People across the globe are angry and frustrated. Governments must now deliver real change by ensuring corporations and wealthy individuals pay their fair share of tax and investing this money in free healthcare and education that meets the needs of everyone - including women and girls whose needs are so often overlooked. Governments can build a brighter future for everyone – not just a privileged few,”

      No, they can't as they server the ruling class.

      Overall lot of pointless but nice sounding ideas on how to make capitalism great again.

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    Capitalism: DJI Staff got bribes to make inflated prices contracts
    • Chinese drone-maker DJI Technology is investigating its staff members regarding allegations of corruption which has elevated product prices. Some 16 people have already been reported to authorities.

      More than 100 people are involved while 45 employees or former ones have been placed under investigation. The losses are expected to exceed CNY1 billion (USD147.6 million), which is twice the amount of the firm's year-end bonus in 2017.

      "The scope of corruption is much larger than expected, and we are now only dealing with the tip of the iceberg," the Shenzhen-based company said to All Weather TMT. DJI is gathering resources to build a professional anti-corruption team, an insider said.

      The firm has handed 16 of the former employees to law enforcement and 29 have been dismissed. At 26 people, most of the workers related to the anti-graft campaign are from the research and development department, as well as the procurement division. Some 19 work in sales, administration, design and factories.

      The average purchase price of DJI exceeded a reasonable level by more than 20 percent due to corruption in the supply chain last year, the report added.

      Founded in 2006, DJI has 14,000 employees.

      Official response from DJI on the fraud committed by employees

      “We hold our employees to the highest ethical standards and take any violation of our code of ethics very seriously. During a recent investigation, DJI itself found some employees inflated the cost of parts and materials for certain products for personal financial gain. We took swift action to address this issue, fired the bad actors, and contacted law enforcement officials. We continue to investigate the situation and are cooperating fully with law enforcement’s investigation.”

      “These actions do not represent DJI, our culture, or our 14,000 employees, who work hard every day to serve customers and develop cutting-edge technologies. We are taking steps to strengthen internal controls and have established new channels for employees to submit confidential and anonymous reports relating to any violations of the company’s ethical and workplace conduct policies.”

      Actually such thing is almost impossible without top management and all sales managers involvement.

      It seems that before 2019 turbulent time DJI is getting rid of one in the list of excessive expenses.

    5 comments 6 comments Vitaliy_KiselevJanuary 2019Last reply - January 2019 by EspenB Subscribe to this blog
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    Capitalism: One more warning to camera companies
    • TSMC expect up to 20% revenues drop due to lacking sales of huge margin top smartphones from Apple and Huawei.

      In some countries difference between plans and reality reached 5 times, but in all of them it is minimum 1.5x.

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    Microsoft plans to kill WIndows 10 Mobile support completely
    • Windows 10 Mobile, version 1709 (released October 2017) is the last release of Windows 10 Mobile and Microsoft will end support on December 10, 2019. The end of support date applies to all Windows 10 Mobile products, including Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise.

      Windows 10 Mobile users will no longer be eligible to receive new security updates, non-security hotfixes, free assisted support options or online technical content updates from Microsoft for free.

      Story of Microsoft sudden decisions and destruction of all Nokia brand and amazing mobile engineers team is very interesting.
      Some of top Microsoft investors became very afraid at some point and literally demanded destruction due to Windows mobile not heling their investments in Google and Apple to grow good. And all the else followed.

      Design and internal structure of Windows 10 Mobile had been best among competition and some architecture decisions are still unmatched.

      With the Windows 10 Mobile OS end of support, we recommend that customers move to a supported Android or iOS device

      Sounds nice.

    7 comments 8 comments Vitaliy_KiselevJanuary 2019Last reply - January 2019 by Vitaliy_Kiselev Subscribe to this blog
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