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    Capitalism: Capacitor manufacturers participated in cartel agreement
    • Following an investigation triggered by Sanyo Electric Company tattling on its competitors and fellow cartel members, which reduced its share of the fine from nearly £28 million to zero, the European Commission concluded that nine Japanese capacitor manufacturers participated in multilateral meetings and exchanged commercially sensitive information in bi- or trilateral contracts with a view to avoid competing on price - creating a price-fixing cartel illegal under EU law and, in turn, driving up the price of the capacitors themselves and the devices which rely on them to operate.

      The companies named in the investigation - Sanyo, Hitachi, Rubycon, ELNA, Tokin, NEC, Matsuo, Nichicon, Nippon Chemi-Con, Vishay Polytech, Holy Stone Holdings, and Holy Stone Enterprises - represent nine of the largest suppliers of aluminium and tantalum capacitors in the world. The largest single fine, totalling €97,921,000, was given to Nippon Chemi-Con; Tokin, Elna, Rubycon, and Hitachi each received reductions in their respective fines for their cooperation in the investigation, while Sanyo dodged the fine altogether for bringing the matter to the attention of the Commission in the first place.

      The companies involved were found to have been colluding on pricing between 1998 and 2012, though no evidence was found to suggest the price fixing continues to this day.

      Quite nice agreement between EU and Japan capitalists. Tiny fine for huge profit companies gained and continue to gain (as usually, without evidence :-) ).

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    How monopolies will use privacy as weapon
    • “I think that this certain situation is so dire and has become so large that probably some well-crafted regulation is necessary,” he said. “The ability of anyone to know what you’ve been browsing about for years, who your contacts are, who their contacts are, things you like and dislike and every intimate detail of your life — from my own point of view, it shouldn’t exist.” Cook didn’t specify what he wants to see in any potential legislation, but he made it a point to underline that lawmakers should take care in creating it.

      Tim Cook

      Actually Tim just told you about weapon of eliminating small and sometimes even middle sized sites and companies. As requirements this guys want to implement will be quite pointless (check EU) but significantly increase expenses and introduce big legal risks. For big guys it is nothing, but it is nice way to eliminate many small ones.

    6 comments 7 comments Vitaliy_KiselevMarch 2018Last reply - March 2018 by Vitaliy_Kiselev Subscribe to this blog
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    Capitalism: Korean capitalists fight for workers rights
    • The Seoul Metropolitan Government will roll out the program over the next three months, beginning on March 30th. The program will have three stages: with a second stage from April when computers will be switched off at 7:30PM on the second and fourth Fridays of that month; and the final phase in May, when computers will be shut down by 7PM every Friday. All employees are subjected to the conditions, though 67.1 percent of government workers have asked to be exempted from the shutdown. The Korean government will consider exemptions in special circumstances.

      This is that pair of good big credits can do :-)

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    Mergers: Broadcom wants to buy every moving thing
    • MediaTek chairman MK Tsai met Broadcom CEO Hock Tan in Singapore recently, according to a Chinese-language Economic Daily News (EDN) report. The report came on the heels of a report from US business website Motley Fool about Broadcom's likely buyout targets after its failed bid to acquire Qualcomm, which prompted speculation that a deal between Broadcom and MediaTek could be underway.

      According to the Motley Fool post, Cirrus Logic and Xilinx are other potential targets. Cirrus' top customer is Apple, while Xilinx is rivaling Intel in the FPGA market.

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    Google watches all cloud drive content, blocks erotic and porn
    • Google starter massive check of all video and photo content on all user cloud storages. Once your content is flagged you cannot send it, nor can you download it for yourself, it seems. Anyone using this as a cloud to harbour the ONLY copy of that content should download all of it now.


      Remember me - in few months "fake news" and "extremist" content will follow.

      And in few years time any suspicious or rebel content will be also flagged and sent to authorities.

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    Google News Initiative: Cencorship of any opposing news
    • Google News Initiative: highlight accurate journalism while fighting misinformation, particularly during breaking news events; help news sites continue to grow from a business perspective; and create new tools to help journalists do their jobs.

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    Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, why scandal?
    • London-based data mining and analytics firm Cambridge Analyrica misused user data from as many as 50 million Facebook users.

      The data was obtained by Cambridge psychology professor Aleksandr Kogan and given to the affiliated behavior research firm Strategic Communication Laboratories in a violation of Facebook’s terms of service. Aleksandr created an app called “thisisyourdigitallife,” in 2015, which 270,000 people downloaded. The app gave Kogan permission to access information from the users’ accounts, as well as information about their friends.

      Interesting professor, isn't it?

      Later appeared reports in the The New York Times and The Observer about how Cambridge Analytica obtained and used the personal information of 50 million users to design voter profiles to target political advertising during the 2016 election.

      UK guys

      Following material published in the UK Guardian and The New York Times over the past few days, the Committee would like to request that you appear before us to give oral evidence.

      As I said in my statement, the Committee has repeatedly asked Facebook about how companies acquire and hold on to user data from their site, and in particular about whether data had been taken without their consent. Your officials' answers have consistently understated this risk, and have been misleading to the Committee.

      What is all the fuss?

      Actually all scandal scale come not from the Trump related fighting. But as ruling class become afraid that hamsters will suddenly realize purpose and value of Facebook. Facebook who openly and fully transfer all personal and detailed information to US, UK and all the over states. No need to scare hamsters, let them dream about "government protecting your personal data and working in your interests".

    5 comments 6 comments Vitaliy_KiselevMarch 2018Last reply - March 2018 by Vitaliy_Kiselev Subscribe to this blog
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