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    Why subscription software is still legal or why Andrew Raid must read
    • We'll try to get some meaning out of the mess he wrote.

      Creative Cloud is anti-competitive, locking users into a perpetual payment plan with no guarantee of future costs. What started at Adobe has spread like a cancer in the software and creative app industry with subscriber-only plans rather than a one off purchase price. Our subscriptions as businesses, enthusiasts and consumers are stacking up and becoming a real monthly headache, and it is time governments looked into regulating the subscription software industry – starting with the king bastard of them all, Adobe.

      First, subscription approach did not start from Adobe. Big guys like Autodesk and such started to use it long time ago, and overall in corporate segment such practice had been used since 90s for some products.

      Second, such "anti-competitive" practice is possible because Adobe is actual monopoly. Some people do not get it properly, but you can't look on complex software product as you look on pencil. Lot of people invest many years to become accustomed with complex software and get proper skills, hence declaring anything about "alternatives" makes no sense for them.

      Third, being capitalists, Adobe owners and top management are part of ruling class, class that set the laws and tell government that to do. Hence "it is time governments looked into regulating the subscription software industry" is quite stupid proposal. Of course government can even publically talk about it, but never will do anything real.

      Cinema5D’s thinly disguised advert (they claimed it was a ‘documentary‘) purported to take a deep inside look at the inner-workings of Adobe’s scumbag inner sanctum. The main take away I got from this bottom scrounging act of desperation, was that it appeared Adobe had a small cupboard with a technician in it, and an absolute vast and incredibly expensive marketing floor. The Premiere Pro product manager appeared to be some kind of jaded ex-human, morphed into a lizard, commanding a cupboard of coders but a gargantuan open plan office for the others.

      Well, it had been small documentary that had been made with only one purpose. To let Adobe management show you publically on how they spend your money. I mean here how they waste your money. :-)

      In the capitalism it is unacceptable behavior to show hard work of engineers and coders and such. As it is working for one thing only - making coders more expensive for company. Showing marketing luxury instead play the opposite way.

      Adobe have been doing a disservice to photographers and filmmakers for years and we just keep getting led around like poodles. The competition to Adobe just hasn’t materialised. They are a digital monopoly like eBay, like PayPal and all the other complacent marketing lead anti-innovation blood-suckers of our digital age.

      Adobe is just normal big company, monopoly as I said before. And their only goal is to maximize profits, both for investors and in more short time way - for top management via bonuses and various nice expenses. Any coding and such are just very unfortunate and small part of such goals and they try to minimize number of real features and bug fixes as much as possible.

      As far as anything else, I’m at a loss to think what positive new feature I’ve used regularly, but I’m still paying for it. In fact, over 7 years, $50 per month adds up to a hideous $4200 for virtually no benefit,

      Stop doing this, start to use torrents :-) This is the only language Adobe will understand.

      We are paying to make Premiere less reliable. We are paying to be beta testers of new releases and paying to be bug fixers, feedback givers and also paying to have our businesses and productivity fucked up the ass by endless reliability issues

      I can't say that it is becoming less reliable, for me it stays more or less the same. But minimizing expenses and maximizing profits (just read their record reports each quarter) have consequences, and yes - you will be even alpha tester soon.

      As recent price hikes have confirmed, it now appears that $10 per month for the rest of your life isn’t enough for a single Adobe app, Photoshop. If Adobe want double, they will take it.

      Recent price hike did not go as planned, but they will return to this later this year, as well as add more price hikes along the line. Lot of actual people inside, who are tech stuff, are angry at all this and leak information from management meetings. Now it is up to 40% of all meetings time are about maximizing profits any means necessary, including subscription hikes or firing expensive coders.

      Do what you want Adobe, charge us double, charge us triple, deprive us of our basic tools if you have to. Most of us will keep on yapping and coming back for more, but believe me – the moment our owner has his back turned the knife is going in so far it won’t ever come out again.

      Being sheep always have consequences. You will be treated like one.

      Adobe is setting itself up for a migration of users, the size the software world has never seen before.

      Lot of "smart' people told this the moment they added subscription - but failed with predictions. Huge profits in capitalism allow Adobe to put more and more money in online ads, promotions, sponsorships and such. And hence - to catch many new users.

      I also think that paying once to OWN software should be practically a human right. It’s my operating system, my computer, and I don’t see why I should be renting part of it from some greedy little fuckwits.

      Andrew, it is time to read EULA for all your software. And you will suddenly realize that you do not own anything of this and never had been. You just have limited right to install and use software fully owned by company according to specific terms on specific number of computers for specific time, and so on and so on. No way company is responsible if they software protection will stop working and you won't be able to install it. It is also in EULA. So, stop dreaming.

      And idea of "human right" is extremely shitty idea made up by same kind of people who own Adobe. As they actually did not care about your rights, they cared about your dreams about your "rights". People need to realize that all this "efficient owners" are mostly making expensive buggy software and spending big share of your money on expensive cars, jets and hotels. This guys are your real enemies.

      And, yes, as soon as Black Magic will be bigger and their software will be more widespread they will be.. second Adobe. With exactly same issues. This is because capitalism works such way.

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    Capitalism: Why rich work so hard?
    • image

      They just very efficiently use their toys :-)

      And most fun is that they will loudly complain as they will be parted from them and hanged on nearest tree by the crowd.

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    Silicon Sales: Intel still ripping you off big time
    • Intel has reported second-quarter 2019 financial results. It generated US$7.6 billion in cash from operations, paid dividends of US$1.4 billion and used US$3 billion to repurchase 67 million shares of stock.

      "Second quarter results exceeded our expectations on both revenues and earnings, as the growth of data and compute-intensive applications are driving customer demand for higher performance products in both our PC-centric and data-centric businesses," said Bob Swan, Intel CEO. "Based on our outperformance in the quarter, we are raising our full-year guidance. Intel's ambitions are as big as ever, our collection of assets is unrivaled, and our transformation continues."

      Intel's second-quarter revenues of US$16.5 billion were US$900 million higher than April guidance. Intel achieved 1% growth in the PC-centric business while data-centric revenues declined 7%.

      Extremely inefficient money making machine for rich (who get all money via stock buybacks directly or via investment funds.

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    Cameras Sales: Canon Q2 2019 Report
    • image

      We still do not see any signs of improvement in the business environment that surrounds us. In fact, since our last earnings announcement, the situation surrounding U.S.-China trade friction has become more and more chaotic and economic slowdown in China and Europe has worsened. Furthermore, in the industrial equipment market, the recovery of customer capital investment has been pushed out further due to sluggish smartphone demand and continuing decline in memory prices.


      Looking at interchangeable-lens cameras, in addition to market contraction centered on entry-class DSLRs, in 2018 we launched three new products that led to a high level of sales in the second quarter of last year. As a result, unit sales for the second quarter this year were down 22% to 1.08 million.

      In the full-frame category of the market where price competition is increasing, as a result of prioritizing profitability, unit sales were below our target. However,for interchangeable-lens cameras overall, our unit sales were in line with our plan. As a result, we retained our full-year projection for unit sales. In terms of revenue, we did lower our projection to reflect a change in product mix to our plan. However, in the second half of the year we will stimulate sales through the launch of 5 new lenses for mirrorless cameras.

      We will further strengthen our efforts to generate user interest in our mirrorless cameras. As a large percentage of high-end models purchases involve the customer actually handling the model and trying it out before buying, in major cities in Japan and other markets, we will create even more touch points for users, proactively expanding opportunities to actually experience our products.

      As for compact cameras, sales were in line with our plan. As such, we maintain our full-year unit sales projection. Through the launch of new products, we will raise the proportion of sales attributable to premium G series models and link this to improved profitability.

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    Cameras Sales: Japanese mirrorless market
    • image

      Canon is slowly loosing their strong position on Japanese mirrorless market.

      Sony (green) is gaining due to recent discounts.

      Olympus waiting for buyer but can't find one and most probably we see last few months of this brand.

      Panasonic had big marketing push for FF during launch months, especially in offline retail in Japan. Otherwise situation is dreadful.

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