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    Capitalism: Another billionaire wants to reform capitalism
    • The income gap is about as high as ever and the wealth gap is the highest since the late 1930s. Today, the wealth of the top 1% of the population is more than that of the bottom 90% of the population combined, which is the same sort of wealth gap that existed during the 1935-40 period (a period that brought in an era of great internal and external conflicts for most countries). Those in the top 40% now have on average more than 10 times as much wealth as those in the bottom 60%. That is up from six times in 1980.


      Thing is, such stuff in current form can't be reformed. As it is same as idea to resurrect and reform the corpse.

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    Capitalism: Class position on anonymity
    • Add in anonymity, and it's just disgusting. When you don't even put your real name on your garbage (or the garbage you share or like), it really doesn't help.

      I'm actually one of those people who thinks that anonymity is overrated. Some people confuse privacy and anonymity and think they go hand in hand, and that protecting privacy means that you need to protect anonymity. I think that's wrong. Anonymity is important if you're a whistle-blower, but if you cannot prove your identity, your crazy rant on some social-media platform shouldn't be visible, and you shouldn't be able to share it or like it.

      Said by Linus Torvalds.

      So, what he so hates? As it is actually retranslation of ruling class position on the subject. Class hates that someone can use knowledge without being thrown out or shut down. And real name, work position and phone can help here a lot, this is why we see so fast pace of laws and regulations. As rotten system capitalism love his ineffective hierarchies and will protect them for all costs.

      If you so don't like hate speech - you need to fight capitalism as it is cause of it.

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    iPad Mini 5 is also almost impossible to repair
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    Good design: Paper Towel Holder
    • This is how most common cheap Chinese one looks


      bad mounting, hard to use as roll in real life will turn always, even from slight force, towel will fall from the side from time to time.

      Proper design:


      Nowhere to fall, and towel does not turn randomly due to proper though put to it:


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    Good design: Easy to change microswitches in mouse
    • image

      Switch in Asus Rog Gadius ii Wireless mouse.

      And it must be such for all switches used in mouse.

    3 comments 4 comments Vitaliy_KiselevMarch 31Last reply - April 1 by Tscheckoff Subscribe to this blog
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    Copyrats as danger to humanity
    • Image rights enforcement company Copytrack has released its new Global Infringement Report 2019 study detailing the current state of unauthorized image use around the world. According to the company, it performed a statistical analysis of more than 12,000 Copytrack user profiles as part of its new report, which details the number of 'potential copyright violations' the company dealt with from December 2017 to December 2018.

      Based on its analysis, Copytrack estimates more than 2.5 billion images are stolen every day with potential daily damages estimated at up €532.5 billion / $598 billion. Due to the vast number of images used daily, the company found that most photographers and agencies were unaware of many instances of image infringement.

      Photographers must be aware that it is shitty capitalism that make their life miserable and one of the lowest paid professions, and not some unlicensed images use. Idea to extend approach of private property into information and images is sick idea. Idea to constantly tighten regulations is even worse and each of rounds will make industry life more and more miserable. Instead society need to transform and photographers must be just providing service for society and live good full life, while all of their work will be free for use to everyone.

    5 comments 6 comments Vitaliy_KiselevMarch 29Last reply - March 30 by Knotbar Subscribe to this blog
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