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This is permanent topic that will contain current m43 bodies deals.

All actual deals are located at the end of the topic.

Olympus E-M10 http://personal-view.com/talks/discussion/9459/olympus-e-m10 Sun, 26 Jan 2014 09:15:57 -0700 Vitaliy_Kiselev 9459@/talks/discussions image


  • 16.05mp CMOS sensor
  • 3.0" LCD. 1.04 million dots. Tiltable. Capacitive touch.
  • ISO Sensitivity - ISO200-25600
  • Shutter - from 60 seconds to 1/4000 sec
  • Up to 8 frames per second
  • 1.44 Million dots EVF
  • 1080p30, 24mbit/sec MOV, H.264 video
  • BLS-5 battery
  • 82.3mm x 45.9mm x 119mm
  • 350g (body only)
  • Color is either black or silver
  • $699 initial retail price

Available at:


Fujifilm X-T1 http://personal-view.com/talks/discussion/9394/fujifilm-x-t1 Mon, 20 Jan 2014 03:09:00 -0700 Vitaliy_Kiselev 9394@/talks/discussions image


  • 16Mp APS-C X-Trans II sensor
  • EXR Image Processor II
  • tempered glass 1.04 million dot high-precision 3” tilting LCD monitor
  • Magnesium body
  • Dust and water-resistant
  • 2.36Mp OLED improved EVF
  • UHS-II SD-card support
  • Interval timer with settable intervals of 1 second to 24 hours and up to 999 frames
  • 8fps shooting
  • $1,300 body only, $1,700 with an 18-55mm f/2.8-4 kit lens


Available at:


Cinemartin FLEC Universal Baseplate http://personal-view.com/talks/discussion/10763/cinemartin-flec-universal-baseplate Thu, 10 Jul 2014 06:08:46 -0600 GOODYES 10763@/talks/discussions See http://www.cinemartin.com/universal-baseplate/


Phantom Flex 4K @ 1000fps in 4K http://personal-view.com/talks/discussion/6629/phantom-flex-4k-1000fps-in-4k Sun, 07 Apr 2013 22:29:17 -0600 Manu4Vendetta 6629@/talks/discussions First video with this dream machine

I took the info from nofilmschool.com:

  • 1000fps in 4k (4096×2160) for ~5 seconds (64gb internal memory) / 3.2 minutes @ 24fps
  • Uncompressed RAW on CineMag IV cards, with optional compressed ‘industry standard codec’ (TBA)
  • Super 35 CMOS Sensor size, 4096×2304 (16:9)
  • 12+ stops of Dynamic Range
  • Optional 1920×1080 shooting mode in 23.976 with a Super 16mm sensor crop (up to 2,000 frames per second)
  • Lens mounts come in PL, PV, Nikon F/G & Canon EF
  • Weighs in at 13 lbs
  • $140,000 with a 2 Terabyte CineMag
  • Expected to be delivered by October, from AbelCine
Kodak PixPro S1 m43 camera http://personal-view.com/talks/discussion/5820/kodak-pixpro-s1-m43-camera Fri, 18 Jan 2013 09:40:14 -0700 Vitaliy_Kiselev 5820@/talks/discussions image


Seems to use Sony sensor (ala GH3) and will have Wi-Fi.

Check http://huati.weibo.com/k/%E6%9F%AF%E8%BE%BE%E6%95%B0%E7%A0%81+%E8%89%B2%E5%BD%A9%E5%8D%87%E7%BA%A7?from=510&order=time

Black Magic: Official $1,995 raw cinema camera topic, series 2 http://personal-view.com/talks/discussion/4372/black-magic-official-1995-raw-cinema-camera-topic-series-2 Sat, 25 Aug 2012 17:33:36 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 4372@/talks/discussions Remember that we have special pages about BlackMagic Cinema Camera in out Wiki now




Feature highlights include:

  • 13 stops of dynamic range
  • Large 2.5k sensor
  • Integrated solid state drive recorder (SSD)
  • Ability to capture CinemaDNG, RAW, ProRes and DNxHD files
  • Touchscreen for metadata entry
  • Compatibility with EF and F mou
  • SDI and Thunderbolt connectors
  • Includes a FULL copy of DaVinci Resolve and UltraScope software

First videos:


Full specs








  • None yet
DOUCE CHINE, a Music Video shot with GH2/GH3/D800/Leica/AF100 http://personal-view.com/talks/discussion/10533/douce-chine-a-music-video-shot-with-gh2gh3d800leicaaf100- Tue, 03 Jun 2014 22:32:10 -0600 eurocameraman 10533@/talks/discussions DOUCE CHINE: THe music Video

DOUCE CHINE: Technical detail for every shot (Camera/lens/Aperture)

Birth of the “Douce Chine” Project: Twice a year I am teaching a 10 weeks (25 hours) filmmaking course in Shanghai. www.shanghai-classes.com/filmmaking For the 2014 spring term, I decided to help one of my friends, by shooting a music video for his new Album: Douce Chine (China Delight). This was an interesting project for my students as well, as we had time to work on lighting set up and camera positioning. Song is about a guy who is used to travel from France to China, mixing up jet lag feeling with night life, good wine and wave of exciting emotion spicing up his life in China. This 4 minutes video was integrally shot in 10 hours (2 afternoons) in our classroom which is only 25m2. That means we could only walk 5 steps max in the different directions of the room.

Why multi cameras shoot? Out of my teaching work in photography and filmmaking, I am both a pro photographer and DP/cameraman. I am having lots of gears and this shooting was a good place to put all of my cameras at work for the good of the students; Nikon D800, Lumix GH2, Lumix GH3 and Panasonic AF100. I hired one of my Photography students (Richard) to be my main assistant and he brought along his Leica M240 he had never tried in video mode so we decided to give it a try on that project. Music video is the place for multi camera shooting as you cannot ask the singer to repeat the exact same performance many times in one afternoon. Despite the lack of space in our classroom, we managed to position the camera to cover as many angle as possible in our 3 different sets of background: Simple black back drop, (fake) Bed and Chinese curtain, Window with (fake) street light reflection. There is no use to get many cameras in action if their position and angle of view are not both different and matching.

Image bank from extra cameras On the image shot for the music video, I add a layer of images I shot in the previous years in France and China. They were shot with GH1 (night shots and on board shots) Panasonic HVX200 (club and slomo of people walking) and HVX200 with Letus Ultimate (Water shot, airplane, traditional places…). I followed up with the HD evolution but all my HVX shots (720p 50fps) still looks real good even blew over scaled to 1080p. Great cams always existed and any day, I can still grab my HVX200 if it matches my need on a new project.

Which lenses? I am having some great lenses and I used some of my favorite on that shooting; Voigtlander 25mm f0.95, Nikon AIS 50mm f1.2, Nikon 85mm f1.4 AFD, Computar 75mm f1.4 (a rare but cheap CCTV lens great for portrait) Prior to the shoot, I bought a 35mm f1.8G (DX version) which is doing very well on the D800 even in FX mode as I knew I would add some vignette in post. I am always taking advantage of this type of experimental project to test new things without pressure. The GH2 was hanged to the ceiling on top of the fan with the Voigtlander 25mm which was wide enough to get the establishment shot at once. The D800 shared the 35mm and 50mm at f2. The GH3 always used a Speed Booster (great tool that I highly recommend) with the Nikon 85mm 1.4 which is an amazing lens (older AFD version half price than the new G version). The AF103 mainly used the Computar (200 USD lens). For the Leica, Richard brought along his 50mm f0.95, 35mm f1.4 and 90mm f2. Those 3 lens costs more than my complete equipment, but they are already sharp fully open and get their own character which makes their full frame image looks more like Medium format camera.

Light and camera settings. This is not a proper camera test as the aim was to complete the music video shooting. Therefore, we didn’t try different set up on camera or aperture on lenses to compare. Instead, we kept everything pretty much the same. I am used to set up a lighting to be able to shoot at f2 on all camera at ISO200 (base iso for GH2, GH3 and AF100). This Aperture offers great sharpness on all my lenses and it also allows me to use lenses of any angle of view from 12mm to 180mm at f2(with speed booster) on M43 (which means 24mm to 320mm on FX). I am also working at f2 most of the time as I know the combination of lights able to deliver this result which is time and budget saving. There is just some slight correction according camera position versus light position. Playing a bit on the ISO or the aperture can handle that. On the other hand, Richard wanted to go shallow depth of field (f1.4) on the Leica and sets the ISO at 100. Sometime, he went too much on that direction (while being close to the subject) and you can notice that some of Leica’s shots are a bit out of focus as depth of field is too limited. I guess that Richard went as far as f0.95 few times on the 50mm due to noticeable overexposure on some shots. Bokeh Otaku!

Main differences between cameras - GH2 and GH3 are classic, great tools, the most efficient, my favorite and they get even better with Voigtlander lenses or Speed Booster + Nikon. They are easy to set for a flat image for post processing purpose. Still, I think the GH1 was the best in term of cinematic colors out of the box. Image is sharp and it is up to your treatment to smooth them up. Those cameras are easy to handle due to their size, articulated screen, electronic viewfinder with all needed information minus peaking. - AF100 (AF103): Often described as a weak product by people who don’t own one and just judge on technical data, this camera is a workhorse, the one I pick up first for my paid job due to its form factor and ergonomics. Great for sound recording and flexible with its ND filters (the feature I am missing the most on GH series). Image quality is good and it had never been an issue for me or my client. Interesting point, it is the most accurate camera of the bunch in matters of color rendition. Green is much more right on the AF100 than on the Gh2 or Gh3 for instance. I love this cam and it is far better than its reputation. - D800: I used it once for a very short movie just for a test. (

) and I like its character. There is something tough in its image (might be the sharpness and details) and paired with old lenses it seems a great tool I want to try again. I used Pentax 645 and 67 lenses with adaptor for the previous short film and it gives a real organic feel to its images. It is not the most convenient and comfortable to use (Mirrorless is more convenient for video). Its fixed screen doesn’t help for composition and the camera is heating up on long shot. I prefer to preserve it for my photo shoot. - Leica M240: I never considered this camera as a potential choice for video shooting, but it has nice feature such as peaking on the viewfinder. I was surprised by the size of the file. Bit rate is the highest one with the GH3. Might be a lack of compression as the image gets many out of focus area and it should not need that much data. Usually data rate depends on the details of the scene you shoot. Here there is lots of darkness, lots of out of focus area so the bit rate can get lower. Here are the average value: D800 (25fps) = 25MB/s - AF100 (50 fps) = 25-28MB/s – GH2 (25 fps) = 35-45 MB/s - GH3 (50fps FHD) = 50 MB/s - Leica (25 fps) = 65 MB/s. The Leica delivers a sharp and contrasty image with beautiful colors. We tried different set up to get a flatter image, without success. This high color/high contrast image brings us into trouble as the M240 had difficulties to render the intense red and intense blue, while over cams were fine with it. I think the Leica needs a light set up which delivers the intended final result (WYSIWYG) as there is less room to post process compare to the other cameras. Few words on lenses: I think this is the strongest point of that system as Leica fast lenses deliver an incredible sharpness at full aperture, which is quit unique on a full frame camera. None of my Nikon lens or Voigtlander lens can be that sharp fully open. For sure, I will try another type of shooting, a fiction with the Leica to enjoy its unique look and possibilities.

Final words: Camera model, Full frame or M43 does it matters? This was not a camera test, but a real world shooting with very different gears. As far as I am concerned the possibility to get a flat image out of the camera, working on a nice lighting set up, taking care of camera positioning and making a wise choice of quality Lenses are more important than camera type, model or brand. Cinematic look is not about crazy shallow depth of field. Watching great classic films help to reset some mind on that matter. Pilling up image with crazy smooth out of focus area is sometime so obvious that it takes over the story itself most of the time… The real advantage of FX is to be able to offer more separation between element with wider lens (even with an f2.8 zoom) and at longer distance from subject. If one day I am trying to shoot a fiction with the leica, I am going to write a story with that idea in mind and I might shoot in flat light, colorless environment to compensate the high saturation of the footage.

Franc Péret French Filmmaker/Cameraman/Photographer/Teacher based in Shanghai cn.linkedin.com/in/francperet View my video on (need a VPN from China): http://vimeo.com/channels/659428/videos Filmmaking and Photography classes www.shanghai-classes.com

BM Pocket cinema camera for sale http://personal-view.com/talks/discussion/10525/bm-pocket-cinema-camera-for-sale Tue, 03 Jun 2014 07:11:41 -0600 NaughtyFilms 10525@/talks/discussions Hi folks I'm selling my pocket i'm cry but i need to do it's pretty new, it work perfect no issue, still one year and six month of warranty i'm selling with panasonic 14mm lens and plus one more nikon battery total 1000 euros let me know if you need some add info

i'm from Italy, and i accept paypal only thanks Luca luca.lusoli@gmail.com

Kodak's 8lb 0.01 MP Camera...1975 http://personal-view.com/talks/discussion/10509/kodaks-8lb-0.01-mp-camera...1975 Sun, 01 Jun 2014 11:31:58 -0600 ragnar 10509@/talks/discussions Maybe this has been shown on here before but just incase it hasn't here is a short article with two pictures showing the first digital camera. Hard to believe Kodak mismanaged their invention so poorly.


Harold House

Olympus SH-1 http://personal-view.com/talks/discussion/10032/olympus-sh-1 Wed, 02 Apr 2014 09:43:07 -0600 kurth 10032@/talks/discussions image


  • 16MP 1/2.3" CMOS sensor
  • TruePic VII LSI
  • 5-axis sensor shift IS
  • 25–600 mm 24x F3.0 - F6.9 lens
  • 460,000px screen
  • 1080p60 video
  • Wi-Fi
  • 271g
  • 109mm x 63mm x 42 mm
  • $399

Previews and such:

DSLR Cameras: Important things about Flat Profile Picture Style http://personal-view.com/talks/discussion/10337/dslr-cameras-important-things-about-flat-profile-picture-style- Thu, 08 May 2014 05:19:29 -0600 davidhjlindberg 10337@/talks/discussions Hey guys!

I just answered a question I got a few days ago in this video. It's about using a flat profile picture style as well as setting up some of the settings in your camera to make it as flat as possible, and why you should leave some settings although everyone says you shouldn't.

Let me know what you think of these thoughts!

Want To Buy: Black Magic 2.5 with MFT mount. EU only. http://personal-view.com/talks/discussion/10210/want-to-buy-black-magic-2.5-with-mft-mount.-eu-only. Mon, 21 Apr 2014 07:11:27 -0600 Jean71 10210@/talks/discussions As title says, i'm interested to buy, so if you sell one, I offer Euro 750 without dongle. In Italy i can buy it new for 1750, minus 22% VAT (385) (no VAT by courtesy of a friend) at a 1365 euro WITH Resolve dongle.

So Euro 750, you keep your Resolve dongle and we have a deal.

Thank you!

FS: GH3 (price reduced) http://personal-view.com/talks/discussion/10275/fs-gh3-price-reduced Tue, 29 Apr 2014 09:11:16 -0600 GravitateMediaGroup 10275@/talks/discussions GH3 body - $775 (free shipping US)

Original box with contents included (charger/battery/ect) The camera is in PERFECT condition and was used as a b cam for 1 wedding and some test footage of my dogs. lol

Cameras sales, February 2014 data, new absolute low for mirrorless in US http://personal-view.com/talks/discussion/10041/cameras-sales-february-2014-data-new-absolute-low-for-mirrorless-in-us Wed, 02 Apr 2014 15:41:48 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 10041@/talks/discussions As data is for all Americas it seems like around 6-7 thousands MR cameras had been shipped to US :-)





AJA Cion 4K cinema Camera http://personal-view.com/talks/discussion/10087/aja-cion-4k-cinema-camera Sun, 06 Apr 2014 20:22:27 -0600 bannedindv 10087@/talks/discussions image

  • 4K
  • global shutter
  • high frame rates
  • High dynamic Range
  • Prores 4444 proxy recording
  • $9000


Apertus Project: Opinions, discussion, etc. http://personal-view.com/talks/discussion/3241/apertus-project-opinions-discussion-etc. Thu, 17 May 2012 14:58:51 -0600 irregularME 3241@/talks/discussions image

I thought in this section there should be a discussion about the Apertus Project. ( http://www.apertus.org/ )

It sounds, at least for me, very promising and down to the ground and not too hipster like the digtial bloex, (which is, with all respect, beautyful).

However, what are your opinions on it? After all, there is a lot going in the 4k sector and raw cinema development.

BMD Ultrastudio mini recorder(thunderbolt) + GH3 + Wirecast for streaming http://personal-view.com/talks/discussion/8577/bmd-ultrastudio-mini-recorderthunderbolt-gh3-wirecast-for-streaming Mon, 28 Oct 2013 01:13:41 -0600 andrevanberlo 8577@/talks/discussions Hey everyone,

To do some live streaming I’ve looked at many solutions and this one seems (at this point) the most ideal for my multi camera setup : hook up 3 gh3’s to 3 Ultrastudio mini recorders with thunderbolt and use wirecast to do the streaming and encoding on the mac pro/hackintosh.

I’ve seen however some conflicting messages on forums where it seems that the GH3 signal will not pass through the mini recorder, so does any one have experience with this? Can anyone confirm the mini recorder works with the GH3 and wirecast?

I believe the GH3 has 4:2:0 out and the codecs supported by the mini recorder are:   AVC-Intra, AVCHD, Canon XF MPEG2, Digital SLR, DV-NTSC, DV-PAL, DVCPRO50, DVCPROHD, DPX, HDV, XDCAM EX, XDCAM HD, XDCAM HD422, Apple ProRes 4444, Apple ProRes 422 (HQ), Apple ProRes 422, Apple ProRes (LT), Apple ProRes 422 (Proxy), Uncompressed 8-bit 4:2:2, Uncompressed 10-bit 4:2:2.

So perhaps the GH3 might not work due to different colorspace?

 Here a post where you see a setup using to minirecorders thunderbolt + usb camera to stream live with wirecast: htttp://forum.telestream.net/forum/messageview.aspx?catid=45&threadid=13444 The guy doesn't use a dslr but dedicated camera but you can use the mini recorders with wirecast, only question is, will it work with the GH3?!

Hope one of you can shed some light on this matter


Interesting links for this thread: Setup using mini recorders: http://forum.telestream.net/forum/messageview.aspx?catid=45&threadid=13444 How to setup GH3 for HDMI output: http://provideocoalition.com/atepper/story/how-to-make-the-lumix-gh3-camera-deliver-proper-recordable-1080p-over-

HTC One Duo Camera http://personal-view.com/talks/discussion/9966/htc-one-duo-camera- Tue, 25 Mar 2014 23:20:51 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 9966@/talks/discussions image




Samyang 16mm t2.2 cinelens http://personal-view.com/talks/discussion/9982/-samyang-16mm-t2.2-cinelens Thu, 27 Mar 2014 09:29:24 -0600 maranfilms 9982@/talks/discussions All shots were done with the Samyang (Rokinon) 16MM cine lens used on a G6. Great lens, little distortion, sharp with good contrast. This lens comes to life as most do around F4-8, but can be pushed either way and still produce a nice image. If your a m4/3rds shooter, I would go for it in that mount to do away with an adapter due to the size. This lens is smooth with a follow focus, although for this vid, I shot it stock, focus was all done in hand.

Nikon Df http://personal-view.com/talks/discussion/8659/nikon-df Mon, 04 Nov 2013 06:56:56 -0700 Vitaliy_Kiselev 8659@/talks/discussions image


  • 16MP FF CMOS sensor
  • Expeed 3 LSI, USB 1.0 only
  • ISO - 100 - 12800
  • 3.2" 921kp screen
  • 30-1/4000 shutter
  • SDHC card slot
  • absolutely no video
  • 760g
  • 144 mm x 110 mm x 67 mm


Links and hand-ons:

Available at:


Bit Rate, Frame Dropping, Frame Bending, Mathematics http://personal-view.com/talks/discussion/9766/bit-rate-frame-dropping-frame-bending-mathematics Sun, 02 Mar 2014 09:26:09 -0700 Mckinise 9766@/talks/discussions Let's say you have an Action camera with the following specs:

1080p at 50fps Bit Rate = 28mbps 1080p at 25fps Bit Rate = 16mbps

You intercut the 50p (25p) (Close range and POV) with Multicam DSLR footage of 24p (Medium and Wide). You Drop the Footage into a 24p timeline with a 24mbps Bit Rate and have the option of either dropping frames or bending frames.

1- How much information is lost conforming 50p to 24p?

2- Will the information lost from the 50p footage lead to the 25p (16mbps) footage having a higher Bit Rate in the 24p timeline?

3- Is it better to drop the 50p into a 25p time line, render at 25p, and then drop the new file into the 24p timeline?

4- Is it better to just forgo the 50p and use the 25p (16 Mbps)?

Freely refocusable camera, Lytro http://personal-view.com/talks/discussion/1227/freely-refocusable-camera-lytro- Wed, 19 Oct 2011 21:33:37 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 1227@/talks/discussions


Their picture gallery:


$399 price - https://www.lytro.com/camera

FOR SALE: various Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Accessories (Netherlands) http://personal-view.com/talks/discussion/9442/for-sale-various-blackmagic-pocket-cinema-camera-accessories-netherlands Sat, 25 Jan 2014 05:37:17 -0700 Reinout 9442@/talks/discussions I'm offering up a collection of accessories for the BMPCC. Selling from The Netherlands.

-Wooden Camera pocket cage -2 sandisk extreme pro 64gb cards -4 batteries (non-nikon ones) incl charger.

All together I offer then for €250,- excl. shipping.
Individual purchases are negotiable.

G6 or GX7 or...? http://personal-view.com/talks/discussion/9511/g6-or-gx7-or... Fri, 31 Jan 2014 15:48:12 -0700 Manu4Vendetta 9511@/talks/discussions Im planning buy another camera to midyear . But with a budget limit of U$700, with the marketing war I'm not crazy bringing a lot of money for in less than a year and have obsolete equipment.

Currently I have the GH2 with Sanity and a NEX-5N which use 95% for photo still.

The GH2 has a great performance in video, but the latest Lumix issues have improved considerably as the High ISO, less noise. I also interested in 60fps for slow motion; in the GH2 only available in 720p, the NEX let record 60fps in 1080 but the video from Sony isnt as good as Panasonic.

My major candidates are the G6 is a kind of GH2 improved and the glorious focus peaking is a success whether in stills or video. The GX7 having even higher quality (in the level of GH3), I love the design, still photo quality in the level of OMD and NEX . I could not use a monitor for its HDMI output while recording with G6 and GX7, but can via WIFI. Can the GH3 price drops something from here to there, but after having a NEX consider any camera must have focus peaking mandatorily.

Which of them advised me that they see pros and cons in each, or better invest in some good optics for GH2 as 45mm f1.8 as the Zuiko 25mm f1.4 or PanaLeica?


Camera sales, including December 2013 reports http://personal-view.com/talks/discussion/9536/camera-sales-including-december-2013-reports Tue, 04 Feb 2014 00:04:41 -0700 Vitaliy_Kiselev 9536@/talks/discussions image



Previous months:

Camera sales, including November 2013 reports http://personal-view.com/talks/discussion/9292/camera-sales-including-november-2013-reports Wed, 08 Jan 2014 02:21:22 -0700 Vitaliy_Kiselev 9292@/talks/discussions image



Canon EOS 700D, T5i topic http://personal-view.com/talks/discussion/6455/canon-eos-700d-t5i-topic Thu, 21 Mar 2013 01:29:36 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 6455@/talks/discussions image



  • 18.00 Megapixels CMOS sensor
  • Phase-detection AF for Live View and Video
  • Continuous autofocus in movie mode with subject tracking
  • 3" LCD touch capacitive screen
  • new 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM kit lens
  • 1920 x 1080 (30, 25, 24 fps), 1280 x 720 (60, 50 fps), 640 x 480 (30, 25 fps) video, nothing new
  • 132 x 99 x 79 mm
  • 580g
  • $750 for body


Available at:

Sony F3 or BMCC (ended up with a Sony F35) http://personal-view.com/talks/discussion/5511/sony-f3-or-bmcc-ended-up-with-a-sony-f35 Mon, 17 Dec 2012 16:44:48 -0700 mlysbakken 5511@/talks/discussions I have been offered a used Sony F3 for only slightly more than what the Blackmagic Cinema Camera costs. I have long been intent on buying the Blackmagic, but now I'm unsure. I haven't tried any of these cameras personally, so any advice would be greatly appreciated! Which one produces the most attractive image to you? Does one handle motion better than the other? How about low-light and general usability? I'm also uncertain about the advantages of 12 bit RAW over 10 bit S-LOG, as well as 2.7k over 1080p. Will those aspects make a world of difference, and is it worth the hassle?

I guess it's a luxury problem. I've seen amazing stuff from both cameras!

Panasonic AG AC8 http://personal-view.com/talks/discussion/8385/panasonic-ag-ac8- Wed, 09 Oct 2013 05:05:31 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 8385@/talks/discussions



(Newark, New Jersey--October 8, 2013) Panasonic has announced delivery and pricing for the AG-AC8PJ, an AVCCAM shoulder-mount with exceptional ergonomics and functionality. The AG-AC8PJ, with 1080p recording capabilities, is ideal for shooting weddings, business conferences, documentaries, sporting events (including 720p at 8Mbs, optimal for use with leading coaching analysis systems), exhibits and government activities.

The AC8PJ will ship in October with a suggested list price of $1450.00. The camcorder’s advanced functionality includes a wide angle 28mm/F1.8 lens that allows the operator to fit more people and background into the frame, especially useful in narrow spaces. A powerful 21X optical/50x super-high resolution zoom facilitates shooting scenes that are difficult to access. Intelligent auto (iA) resolution technology enables acquisition at high zoom rates while preserving the image resolution. A 1/4.5 type high-sensitivity sensor ensures bright and sharp images even in the most dimly lit scenes.

With dual SD card slots and the capability to record on both cards simultaneously, the AC8PJ’s Relay Auto Switch functionality provides dependable back-up recording or the ability to switch from one card to the other for extended recording times.

The AC8PJ offers a wide range of recording models including:1080/60p [Max. 28Mbps/VBR], (1920x1080/60p); PH [Max. 24Mbps/VBR], (1920x1080/60i); HA [Ave. 17Mbps/VBR], (1920x1080/60i); HG [Ave. 13Mbps/VBR], (1920x1080/60i); HE [Ave. 5Mbps/VBR], (1440x1080/60i); PM [Ave. 8Mbps/VBR], (1280x720/60p); and SA [Ave. 9Mbps/VBR], (720x480/60i).

Sophisticated professional capabilities include Dynamic Range Stretch (DRS), which helps compensate for wide variations in exposure in a contrast heavy scene, from light to dark; and a Focus in Red function that shows the sharp edges of a subject in red, making it stand out more easily, allowing a shooter to find focus even faster in some situations when manual focus is in use.

Input control commands can be made by the AC8PJ’s integrated 3-inch touch panel LCD and Smart Touch. The camcorder is Eye-Fi™ SD card compatible, making the transfer of recordings via a wireless network to devices like a PC or a file-sharing site like YouTube or Vimeo fast, simple and convenient. Interfaces include HDMI Type A, Microphones (stereo mini), Headphone (stereo mini), USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Host/Device, AV, and Video Component.

Other key features include a powerful 5-Access Hybrid Optical Image Stabilization (O.I.S) that thoroughly suppresses blurring all the way from wide-angle to powerful zoom shots; and a manual, multi-purpose lens ring that provides fine adjustments and precise control of Focus, Zoom, Iris, White Balance and Shutter speed (a fast, accurate auto focus is also available). An illuminating LED ring allows recording verification and serves as a tally light to make shooting smoother. Other functions encompass the ability to back up hours of footage to an external portable HDD via USB; a Level Function mode that automatically detects and corrects the tilting of captured images; and a large lens hood that blocks light more effectively to reduce lens flare.

The AC8PJ weighs only five pounds, and measures 8.07 inches (W) x 8.54 inches (H) x 18.85 inches (D). The camcorder captures still images of 16:9, 20.4 megapixels [6016 x 3384 resolution], or a 4:3, 15.1 megapixels [4480 x 3360 resolution] still image. In simultaneous record mode, it can take a 16:9, 9.4 megapixels [4096 x 2304] still image or a 4:3, 1.4 megapixels [1440 x 1080] still image. A new high-performance stereo microphone is included, and standard accessories comprise an AC Adaptor, AC Cable, Rechargeable Battery Pack [2900 mAh/Lithium-ion], AV Cable, USB Cable, External Stereo Microphone, Lens Cap and Eye Cup.