Software and storage tips Mon, 25 Sep 17 23:19:44 -0600 Software and storage tips en-CA Adobe Photosop CC 2017, former 2015, Creative Cloud Wed, 04 Sep 2013 12:13:05 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 8003@/talks/discussions Adobe just announced a Creative Cloud program for photography.

Adobe Photoshop CC + Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and 5. 20GB of storage. Video tutorials.

$9.99 a month. And they have no plans on raising it.

Alien Skin Esposure 3 Thu, 14 Sep 2017 13:42:06 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 17760@/talks/discussions

Digital Anarchy Transcriptive Wed, 13 Sep 2017 22:22:06 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 17753@/talks/discussions

NeatVideo 4 presets and profiles for Sony Nex-5N Tue, 12 Apr 2016 14:03:26 -0600 apefos 14944@/talks/discussions NeatVideo 4 presets and profiles for Sony Nex-5N

Lightroom CC and Lightroom 6 Tue, 21 Apr 2015 07:06:42 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 12842@/talks/discussions

Lightroom CC is now available as part of an Adobe Creative Cloud Photography subscription ($9.99 per month) or as the equivalent standalone $149 perpetual-license Lightroom 6 application. But the single purchase option won't include syncing photos to Adobe's mobile apps, such as Lightroom Mobile, Slate, and Voice. Adobe uses a smaller-footprint version of the photo file called Smart Preview for transmitting to Web and devices, so bandwidth and storage aren't taxed unnecessarily.

Lightroom CC -
It is part of their Photo plan

Lightroom 6 -

Capture One color issue with Stills Thu, 31 Aug 2017 15:16:46 -0600 Scot 17646@/talks/discussions I have been having an issue with my Panasonic G85 shooting stills and processing with Capture One. When highlights get blown out the rolloff from the blown out high light on peoples faces goes to a sickly yellow on edges and sometimes the skin tone looks mottled. Oddly I tried using other profiles like GH4 with similar results which leads me to believe it is a problem with more than just the G85 color transform. I have sent samples to Phase One and the final answer was "I will pass on to R&D for re-profiling consideration". I figure if anyone else is experiencing the problem submitting it to Phase One may make it a priority. I processed the same file with Affinity photo and did not have the color issue.

Alternatives to Adobe Photoshop? Thu, 09 May 2013 21:33:30 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 6932@/talks/discussions Photoshop is real cause of most angry comments towards Adobe CC proposal.

It is too widespread and used by too many different people.

What alternatives you know? I mean here full fledged photo editors with modern cameras raw support, layers, etc.

Updated for 2016.

PhotoLine 19.51

Has 16bit support, vecor tools, Mac/PC versions, 64bit version. Works as portable on your USB stick, if you like. Small and fast.

Sherif PhotoPlus X8

Affinity Photo 1.4

Mostly Mac editor, but now also beta version for PC exist.

Sagelight Editor

  • Advanced editor with unique interface
  • Lifetime version of Sagelight for $39.95
  • Development stopped as of 2016, developer lost



Corel PaintShop Pro X9


Pixelmator 3.5

Mac only editor.

  • Mac OS X 10.9.5 or later
  • $30 at

CyberLink PhotoDirector Ultra 7

Corel AfterShot Pro 3

It is less editor and more Lightroom like thing.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 14

So called consumer editor.

LUTastic - 3D LUT Preview Gallery Tool for Windows Mon, 03 Jul 2017 05:45:28 -0600 fatpig 17289@/talks/discussions I have just released the free trial version of my new LUT Preview Gallery tool LUTastic. It will display a preview of your input Video with every LUT applied so you can select your favorite one with ease. It features a live preview of the video.

Trial version is limited to 3 LUTs. Pro version is not limited.

Suggestions for features are appreciated. Also: what forums and other places would be good to make people aware of this tool?

Happy LUTing ;)

  • small update to interface colors online now.
Control your GH3 from a Web Browser - Now with video ! Mon, 15 Apr 2013 20:56:17 -0600 lenuisible 6703@/talks/discussions end users post, for technical info see post 3 below

v0.4 is out. a Java player has been added for live view ! most commands are there

To test this :

  • download the attached zip file (last version is v0.4) , and decompress it wherever you want
  • for the live view to work, you need :
  • start the Wifi on your GH3, "new connection/remote shooting" (it works also if you connect through a Wifi AP, you just need to find the IP address of the GH3)
    • if you're using a direct connection you can launch the "Control.html" file after you connected your PC/MAC to the GH3 network
    • if you're using a Wifi access point, you have to find/replace all the "" in the "requests.html" file with the IP address of the GH3 before launching the "Control.html" file
  • if you want to use the live view on a Windows PC launch control.bat instead of control.html (see above for Java installation). If you're using a MAC, you have to find a way to launch UDPServer with Java, I don't know if it works
  • play with the different settings and commands

  • To take a picture, use the shooting button (you can do continuous shooting with press&hold if the dial is in that mode)

  • To start a recording press "record"

  • manual focusing uses press&hold buttons with 2 speeds, you can play with the interval between 2 successive focusing actions with the input fields on top of the 4 focus buttons.

  • The zoom uses press&hold buttons, with 2 speeds (for PZ lenses of course)

Some commands will not work depending on the selected mode on the dial (ie focal in S mode)

The screen goes black quite often, just take a picture or half press the shutter button to turn it on again. But now that live view works (on Windows at least), you shouldn't have to look at the GH3 LCD anymore.

If the GH3 freeze, you may have to take the battery out (may happend if you use a feature non supported by the selected mode on the dials)

To properly interrupt the connection, just "terminate" it on the GH3 menu

You can stop the video recording using "playmode" (which is the command to display the photo on Lumix Link).I didn't look at the files generated when you do that, if someone could look at the integrity of the video file after this abrupt stop, it would be useful. You have to press "recmode" to control the gh3 again.

Clarification :

This is a PoC. I'm not a developer, and won't spend much time on future version. someone with some basic web dev skills will be able to do a much better job in no time; He just has to look at the code, and eventually ask me.


PackRAW Software Fri, 07 Jul 2017 21:44:30 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 17309@/talks/discussions Utility to reduce space taken by raw photos on your drives.


  • Improved detection and added support for more formats
  • Tweaked a few settings in the uncompressed model, should get slightly better compression on average
  • PRW files now include a 4-byte offset to a JPEG thumbnail, if available. [found at offset 3, little-endian]

Supported formats:

  • Adobe .DNG (uncompressed)
  • Canon .CRW (no header, uncompressed)
  • Epson .ERF
  • GitUp Git2 .RAW
  • Hasselblad .3FR (uncompressed)
  • Kodak .KDC/.RAW (uncompressed)
  • Leaf Aptus .MOS (uncompressed)
  • Mamiya .MEF
  • Minolta .MRW
  • Nikon .NRW/.NEF (uncompressed)
  • Olympus .ORF (uncompressed)
  • Panasonic/Leica .RW2 and .RAW
  • Pentax .PEF/.RAW (uncompressed)
  • Samsung .SRW (uncompressed)
  • SJCAM M20/SJ5000x Elite .RAW
  • Sony .SR2/.ARW (v2.x only)
  • TIFF (uncompressed, 8bpc or higher, up to 4 channels, single page)
  • Xiaomi Yi .RAW

Download place -

Chrome luma bug Sun, 02 Jul 2017 15:42:36 -0600 inqb8tr 17285@/talks/discussions If you are using OSX and Chrome, in the recent Chrome update there seems to be a bug with video playback where blacks are significantly lifted and image washed out on Vimeo, and other platforms too.

Turning off hardware acceleration in Chrome settings 'fixes' this issue, until they figure it out and fix it properly.

I spent entire afternoon trying encoding and reuploading a video, tried 72 different settings, untill I figured out it was not Premiere or Vimeo encoder to blame.

This might be the problem only on systems with nVidia cards, or even more specific, but it might save someones afternoon to know this if this problem happens.

Free Nik bundle photo plugins + pack of presets Thu, 24 Mar 2016 21:06:23 -0600 maxr 14867@/talks/discussions  


direct DL link WINDOWS -

direct DL link MAC -

For anyone interested my experience is that Dfine is all around an excellent denoiser, newest topaz DN6 probably the best (also more time consuming) close followed by noiseware. Silvereffex is nice too, silkier than almighty tonality street dog. Sharpener Pro is also alright, mix (lighten and darken layers) to lessen effect, good clarity, you can configure it (well all of them) to go into new layer with mask (plink!) quick stuff. Color Effex has a ton of options and the legendary U-points (glub glub), useful if you invest some time, explore the myriad effects and combinations and end up creating some recipes, like sardines stuffed with mozzarella and heroin; used to be my post digi-darkroom, today's alien. Analog effex's also fun, for crazier moods. Skip Vivezza and specially HDR Effex, very bad. This suite used to be hundreds of petrodolars, probably google decided on dumping it (not cost effective) and thus the grandiloquence gest (prrrfff), enjoy =)


Some good introductions by Northlight Images

Silver Efex Pro



Color Efex filters


Mind you some things: when you save the image in standalone mode it will overwrite the original, so better make a copy beforehand. In Dfine the more manual noise's patches you select the better the results, BIG difference, it's also worth tweaking the advanced controls. Whenever I say u-point I mean control points, I'm used that way; these points behave a bit like add or/and subtract circular gradients' masks (with selectable ratio/size and transparency/power) but they also are very sensitive to where they're placed, a bit like a spot light (mimicking a 3D behaviour) within the confinement of a 2 space. When you save a recipe, U-points are not saved with it... basically there's no way of creating a U-point "memory". You can export your recipes and backed them up, shared them, etc. Also U-points behave differently depending on filter, e.g. in Pro-contrast the effect is not activated unless you create either "+" or "-" u-points. I found to be useful to mark the favourite effects (yellow star) so they're easier to locate. If there is something you'd like to apply to a video, you can save a recipe (as long as there are no vignetes, sharpening, etc. only luma and chroma tweaks without masks), convert Davinci's base trim_lut0.dpx to png or tif, apply your recipe and then create an timeline with the file and extract the grade's LUT in Resolve =)



41 free presets for PVs

Finally, attached are 41 presets - the ones managed to find - I created on CE long time ago; plus a couple charts for testing. You've got to understand that many of them were developed working on some specific look/batch/context/experience, plenty of times directly with unrefined (no time to cut baby's nails man?!!) base image, sometimes darker, sometimes brighter, more constrasty, more bland, etc. etc. Most if not all are meant to be used together with U-points, otherwise pretty useless; for instance I recurred a lot to the glow effect, but the reality was that more often than not with just u-points to very specific areas, as I mentioned before it's silly but there's no way to save those u-points. Hierarchy of effects' stack can also be changed and thus plenty more variations are possible.

To import the presets, see here - - they'll live in /Users/yourname/Library/Preferences/Google/Color\ Efex\ Pro\ 4/ImportedPresets folder on a mac. CE has a semi-hidden history tab too.

List of package contents:

m__LMV -
m__LMV -
m__LMV -
m__LMV -


Software Waveform and Vectorscope solutions Thu, 05 May 2011 07:49:34 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 55@/talks/discussions

ScopeBox - $99, standalone


Weveform is present in Premiere Pro

Also few plugins are available.
Grass Valley Mync - videos and photo catalog and fast edit sofware Wed, 29 Mar 2017 21:40:08 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 16659@/talks/discussions

Mync has a unique video preview function that is second to none. The powerful video preview function provided is unlike that of any other software. This great feature of Mync is possible because Grass Valley also developed the EDIUS professional video editing software. In addition to the h.264 format that is used widely, including on the Internet and for smartphones, various formats used in professional workplaces are supported. With Mync, unified management is possible for diverse video materials, starting with XDCAM, P2, XAVC and XF-AVC, and including video files that ordinarily could not be checked without launching video editing software. Native data can be previewed without conversion.

Allows simple editing (with export to youtube and such even).

Basic version is completely free.

All of T. Dashwood's plugins now FREE (FxFactory) - fcpx, mtn, pr, ae Wed, 26 Apr 2017 06:49:41 -0600 maxr 16806@/talks/discussions  
What the title says, as Tim Dashwood has joint the Apple Stark, all of his stuff (working under the FxFactory) is now released free

His 360VR Toolbox used to sell for over $1,000. If you produce or are thinking of making 360 videos then this is a great pack of plugins.

Here the Editor Essentials

and a cute SG



Yet another Lumix LiveView app but for Windows 10 Fri, 31 Mar 2017 00:41:37 -0600 Rambalac 16662@/talks/discussions I'm making free, no ad, open source app for Windows 10 (desktop, mobile, xbox :) and hololens)

App fetures:

  • Fullscreen camera liveview. Tested with GH3 and GH4 but should work with any Lumix camers.
  • Photo capture and video recording start/stop.
  • Changing basic parameters like ISO, Aperture, and Shutter. Changes on camera get reflected to app, as current mode auto parameters.
  • Multiple cameras can be connected at once, for now need switching to see and control, but I plan split-screen and separate windows. You can connect cameras to common WiFi access point.

I wish to test it with Hololens. Should be cool watching liveview in any position.


MS Store (v1.3 is in publising state in the Store)

Developing an image • Photography related workflows, conditions and thoughts Wed, 27 Mar 2013 20:27:52 -0600 maxr 6524@/talks/discussions Hi guys! GH's can take stills too and damn good ones. Let's share workflows, compare apps and results! I personally, organize a 40.000 photos catalog with lightroom. Lr is very versatile but there are times when even it's myriad tricks don't get there. Capture one is giving me pretty nice results (best color engine out there) which doesn't come as a surprise once I got best results with 4/3's ORFs; is also unbeatable at sharpness. Other times I go with raw developer; I like it's simple interface and that I can get closer to "traditional" analogic photography (i.e. DR) look/feel. WHAT ARE YOU USING?


capture one (linear mode), left • lightroom, center • raw developer, right

Windows 10 aka Windows Total Horror! Sat, 27 Sep 2014 17:24:58 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 11421@/talks/discussions Windows TH is official name according to

Handbrake presets and other x264 settings Mon, 12 Aug 2013 14:35:55 -0600 maxr 7761@/talks/discussions

My dog and I thought it was a good idea to have a common space where to share knowledge, experience, some open air dump and x264 (don't be afraid not toxic) presets

• After Squeeze much I tried, quite nice multicompressor, but I've been unable to export any thing I like. Indu voice, very expensive also

• After AME crappy using x264 display same panels as QT but doesn't allow any nitrate change in audio AAC

• After IFFmpeg can't make it work with fmy fmpeg library :-( , using in avi <--> mov round·trip

• After ffmpegx free, interface is tiny and they stopped developing it but what's important is to have libraries updated. that said it has limited acces to x264 options. it has also some nice (last minute) features like demux and multiplex, really useful

• After Quicktime which is at least as obedient as my dog: direct x.264 export, wider range of x264's settings (panels) options and can store 2 presets which is useful too

• After Mpegstreamclip free but has 2 annoying things: audio is limited to 256Kbits (not sooo dramatically disastrous) and only uses 1 core, so it's much slower… maybe I miss configured... other than that is a nice sorted out mothercompresar

• After whatnot

I decided to settle with my trusty old handbrake.
I have not created any presets myself, just slightly tweaked/mix one or two, my knowledge is very close to my dog's =0. Also I am not interested or going to show any comparisons whatsoever, allrigch?!!

A1 - retrospective


Really great settings for grainy footage I was able to found in this forum, thanks @retrospective

A2 - doggy&me


Pretty much retrospective's preset but instead of "constant quality" a maxrate is set to 15000, instead of "variable framerate" now is constant and instead of 1 pass now there are 2, being the first turbo-kit. This one works out nicely with grain, which was my main concern

A3 - slowganja


This one from my drug dealer and it's real nice slow stuff, oh yeah with love

Well, that's it, care for a street picture?

Mac free apps, tips and tricks Wed, 08 Oct 2014 16:05:20 -0600 maxr 11519@/talks/discussions Hey pips =)

I put together some stuff that either workarounds some of mac OS problems/limitations or makes specific tasks easier.
Your most welcome to add your own


01 Afloat

I wanted DigitalColor Meter to remain on top of all windows as is very anoying to have to call for the app to see/copy values.
This is the solution I found: afloat • case you want to I attached SIMBIL 0.9.9 and this Afloat direct download link HERE should work. BIG thanks to Chris Van Patten

See in the screen grab below how DCM it is not active as safari was selected and yet it remains floating on top, like a good girl ;-)

It works with many (not all) applications including finder itself, below's another example
FYI with multi-window apps, i.e stickies, IF you decide to pin one window to the desktop, you'll have to circle through (finder then stickies) to then select window from the menu, be sure that the correct sticky is selected and then adjust effects, that'll make dialog desapear. Have a look at guide that comes with afloat installer as there are shortcuts for almost everything. The "Make this window an overlay" (clicks fall through) and "Make it opaque while I'm working with it" options are also useful


Xara Extreme 5 Free and newer editors Sat, 13 Apr 2013 17:01:33 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 6689@/talks/discussions .image

Still valid, years from original.

Full fledged vector editor. Fast as hell and very handy.

Very useful to make small site from your photos also (it has content aware photo resize, btw).

Download link -

After this you need to register account on Xara com, click on register online option in software, set buying date to 15.03.2012, you'll get registration letter by email.

It is not only free, but it gives all discounts for upgrade to any new version as if you purchased it :-)

Upgrade to latest version is $41

Eylca : control FZ1000 (and other Lumix cameras) from an android app Thu, 09 Feb 2017 10:05:25 -0700 mbmb5 16436@/talks/discussions Hi

I made an android app which allows to control a lumix camera remotely. It is based on the amazing work of @lenuisible It aims at extending the possibilities of what your camera can do. At this point, it allows some really really basic control, and motion detection.

It is still at an early development stage, and I can only test it on the FZ1000.


The app is free and opensource.
You can find the code here:

It is currently in fdroid repositories, and you can install it from there.
You can find an apk here:


Please disable burst mode on your camera. It is not handled yet. Start the wifi on your camera, connect your phone to the wifi of the camera, and launch the app.

Basic control

The app allows to see what the camera sees, and to control the camera manually to some extend. Right now, we can only take pictures, videos, zoom in and out and focus in and out. The controls for zooming and focusing don't support long click yet, but it will get better soon.

Motion detection

The main purpose of the app is to do things that you can't do with only your camera, or with Panasonic app.

At this point, the main feature is to shoot or record a video when a motion is detected in what the camera sees. You can control this detection with 2 parameters: a threshold, and a parameter to tell the size of the object which may appear in the camera stream. These 2 parameters can be changed on the fly. I recommend that you start motion detection in "do nothing" mode, when you want to set the parameters without taking multiple useless photos. Please note that motion detection has to be restarted if you change between "do nothing", "continuously shoot" or "record video".


If you don't see what the camera sees in basic control mode, check the camera ip in the settings of the app, and change it if necessary. You may also need to disable mobile data.


In the futur, I'd like to add focus bracketing, and scripting. If you have any idea which could extend the camera's features using remote control, please don't hesitate to share ! Also don't hesitate to give feedback.

Free plugin for video retargeting Wed, 18 Jan 2017 07:27:01 -0700 Brumbazz 16342@/talks/discussions Have you ever wanted to intercut with footage in a different aspect ratio?

A colleague and I (postdocs in academia) made a hobby plugin project for Adobe AE and Premiere, which retargets footage to any format. It makes it easy to use 4:3 in a 16:9 production, or intercut 16:9 in anamorphic production. It is easy to use as is, while also allowing a few neat tricks :-)

The plugin is free without any strings attached, and was presented at SIGGRAPH ASIA 2017.

Downloadable from (put plugin in your common plugin folder):

Enjoy and let us know, what you think.

CyberLink ActionDirector 2.0 Wed, 28 Dec 2016 12:30:43 -0700 Vitaliy_Kiselev 16243@/talks/discussions

  • Lens Correction
  • Color & White Balance
  • Stabilizer
  • Slow motion production

HandBrake 1.0 released Tue, 27 Dec 2016 12:29:33 -0700 Vitaliy_Kiselev 16240@/talks/discussions image

  • A complete redesign of presets, including options for common devices
  • VP9 video and Opus audio support
  • Intel QuickSync support for H.265/HEVC video encoding (on devices with Intel Skylake or faster processors)
  • Improved subtitle rendering for some languages
  • New HandBrake 1.0 documentation with easier-to-follow, less technical guides

Affinity Photo for Windows now final Thu, 10 Nov 2016 05:16:22 -0700 Vitaliy_Kiselev 16025@/talks/discussions PR

Windows users can now download the long-awaited Affinity Photo, with the launch of a free public beta.

It’s the first opportunity for PC users to experience the speed, power and precision of the award-winning professional image editor.

Chosen as Apple’s ‘App of the Year’ 2015, and ‘Best Imaging Software’ 2016 by the Technical Image Press Association, Affinity Photo for Mac has received thousands of 5-star reviews from professional photographers, editors, artists and retouchers around the world.

The Windows version matches it feature-for-feature and the public beta offers users the chance to try it free of charge before the full version goes on sale.

Ashley Hewson, Managing Director of Affinity developer Serif, says: “When we started developing our Affinity apps nearly seven years ago one of the key aims was to be cross-platform, so this is a huge milestone for us. Because we did plan this from the beginning we made nearly all of our back-end code – the core engine of Affinity, if you like – completely operating system independent.

“This not only means that file compatibility between the two platforms is 100% perfect, but all the power, performance, tools and accuracy which have really set us apart on Mac are there for Windows users to enjoy now too.”

Affinity Photo’s awe-inspiring range of tools work in real time, so there’s no waiting to see results. Non-destructive editing, RAW processing and end-to-end colour management are standard, so Affinity Photo has all the accuracy and quality necessary to make beautiful images spring to life.

Participants will be excited to know that the beta version includes a host of powerful new features to be made available in Affinity Photo’s next major update, v1.5.

They include:

  • Advanced HDR merge producing full 32-bit linear colour space images
  • Focus stacking to bring depth to multiple combined images
  • Batch processing for smoother, faster workflow
  • An all-new way to edit 360 degree images

The beta period also offers Affinity’s developers the chance to perfect the product before its full launch, and users are encouraged to share their feedback.

Naturally, Affinity Photo works perfectly with Serif’s stunning graphics editor Affinity Designer, sharing a common file type and shared save history. Affinity Designer for Windows is on the verge of full release.

Windows prices will match Affinity’s subscription-free Mac pricing ethos, with a one-off payment of $49.99 / £39.99 / €49.99 covering future updates.

For more information about Affinity Photo:

To sign up for the beta:

360° / panorama stitching software recommendations? Fri, 09 Dec 2016 12:13:27 -0700 JackBayer 16154@/talks/discussions Hi all! Has anyone of you a recommendation for a stable and user friendly stitching software? I'm going to need a solution to put several GoPro Streams together, not sure yet how many.

Thanks as always!


Photolemur – AI Based Photo Enhancement Wed, 30 Nov 2016 10:34:22 -0700 Vitaliy_Kiselev 16121@/talks/discussions

Google Drive is Acting Like a Lil Punk Mother Fucker Tue, 22 Nov 2016 10:04:07 -0700 matt_gh2 16091@/talks/discussions I can't download 1TB of files someone shared with me on Google Drive. It's about 950 files. When I highlight all and click download, Google Drive says "Zipping 950 files" and when finally done, there's only 2 files in zip file created. I tried to break it up into 50 files each but then the zipped file created only contains 28 of them. Does anyone have any idea how to download a large number of files from Google Drive?

Affinity Designer available for Windows Thu, 17 Nov 2016 07:19:59 -0700 Vitaliy_Kiselev 16060@/talks/discussions

Affinity Designer, the #1 bestselling professional design and graphics app for Mac, is now available to buy for Windows.

The fast, precise and feature-rich vector design tool has consistently been the top paid-for design app on Mac since launch. The response has been meteoric, including a coveted Apple Design Award and thousands of 5-star customer reviews on the Mac App Store.

For many professionals, Affinity Designer has become their go-to app for everything from creating concept art, print projects, logos and icons to UI design, web graphics and mock-ups.

And because Affinity Designer on Windows matches the Mac version feature for feature, PC users will experience the same thrilling speed, incredible tools and supreme accuracy which have given Affinity Designer its formidable reputation.

To celebrate the launch, Affinity Designer for Windows can be bought for a discount price of $39.99 / £29.99 / €39.99 until 24 November direct from

Ashley Hewson, Managing Director of developer Serif, says: “When we launched Affinity Designer we never expected the impact it has made. Seeing it so widely adopted by designers around the world – and all the incredible work people are creating with it – has been such a rewarding experience for the team here.

“We’ve released many updates to Affinity Designer since launch, adding hundreds of new features which users asked for. But by far the biggest single request has been for the Windows version so we’re delighted to finally deliver that.”

Experienced digital designers, illustrators and artists will feel instantly at home with Affinity Designer’s powerful selection of essential tools. Buyers can also expect:

  • A complete vector and pixel editing toolset
  • 10 million+ percent zoom
  • Non-destructive effects and adjustment layers
  • RGB, CMYK, LAB, Pantone and ICC colour management
  • Advanced typography, including text styles and text-on-a-path
  • Effortless PSD, SVG, EPS, PNG and PDF/X handling
  • Unlimited artboards with device pre-sets
  • Super smooth gradients and colour control
  • Standard and retina resolution pixel preview
  • Unlimited and saveable undo history
  • Incredibly powerful export capabilities
  • Symbols, including multiple versions and nested symbols
  • Constraints for pseudo-responsive design
  • Grids, guides and advanced snapping including pixel alignment
  • Fully customisable shortcuts.

“What might surprise some people is that the Windows version shares exactly the same back-end code as our Mac version," adds Ashley Hewson. "Not only does this mean perfect cross-platform file compatibility, it means the same memory management and rendering technology which give Affinity Designer its blistering speed.”

Designed to work on 64 bit Windows 7 and above, and available with support for eight languages, the on-sale version has been refined over a public beta testing period with more than 180,000 users taking part.

Affinity Designer for Windows can be purchased direct from The usual price will be $49.99 / £39.99 / €49.99 with updates included – there’s no ongoing subscription.

Affinity Designer is part of a trio of professional quality design software tools. Affinity Photo launched for Mac last year and is now in free public beta on Windows (from while Affinity Publisher is expected in 2017