Archives Mon, 17 Feb 20 10:47:34 +0000 Archives en-CA Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ100 and the 30 minutes recording limit Sun, 11 Sep 2011 18:46:25 +0000 ccl3no2 924@/talks/discussions What card do you recommend for MoonT7/T8 GH2 Wed, 05 Apr 2017 06:12:02 +0000 mikussini 16696@/talks/discussions Hello everybody, I have a Lexar x1000 64gb card at 150mb/s and there are moments when the camera shows an error based on "the recording stopped due to the card limitations". What card do I need in order to have a recording without interruption. Note this happens even when recording HD. I'm really troubled by this because I thought it could record without issues.

Great thanks in advance!

How to read Panasonic Lumix internal firmware settings Mon, 14 Mar 2016 11:42:51 +0000 5Lion 14793@/talks/discussions If one buys a used camera at an auction, is there a way to read the internal firmware settings.. reversing the hacking process.. downloading the internal firmware file from the camera..

looking for firmware 2.3 for gh4, anyone want to share that file?? just can not find it, Sun, 06 Mar 2016 12:51:17 +0000 lowrider 14723@/talks/discussions looking for firmware 2.3 for gh4, anyone want to share that file?? just can not find it,

Grind Grid - crazy matrices for GH2 Sun, 05 Apr 2015 14:35:11 +0000 apefos 12748@/talks/discussions After finishing developing of "The End NR4" patch, I perceived that the achievements in matrices could bring back an old project: "Grind Grid".

The numbers and quantization found in The End made possible to find the best settings in matrices for these patches below.

They try to introduce, to create a noise/texture pattern completely disrespecting the discrete cosine transform frequency. Of course this is experimental in terms of image results. But in terms of stability I think it will be the same of The End if you use The End ini files as a base.

The first matrix in the "Grind Grid" project is called "PinWheel" because it uses this kind of shape in the matrices alternately using different intraframe/interframe and different I and P/B frames.

This is my first matrix settings which uses different interframe, different I/P frames, and a mix of them in fallback, very interesting math combinations.

It is good idea to try this patches in gop2 because in gop1 this does not make sense, the different matrices in I - P/B is what does the trick.

So copy/paste these matrices below using "The End NR4 High104 Gop2-2-2-2-2" as a base. Deblocking Tables do not need changes. You can also use the "The End NR4 High104 Gop2-2-3-2-4" because it can be more stable in NTSC.

I am using just four different numbers, the most significant numbers used in The End, and looking at the draw below you can perceive there are almost infinite combinations in the pixels, this are the two first attempt. The draw is just a simple view. The luma and chroma matrices have different values, the I and P/B frames also different values, shape alternates between I and P/B. It is possible to make the alternation to be vertical, horizontal, two, three or four pixels together, almost infinite ways...

You can see the inspiration here in this link:

I also have many other handmade draws, I did them months ago but now it is possible to do due to the achievements from The End. Other draws are inspired on chessboard and other custom nature and geometric shapes... if I have time I will release some...

It would be possible to use three draws in same patch, one draw for I, another for P another for B in a GOP6 setting, but I think using two draws in a GOP2 for just I/P can be better quality. The matrices below have two draws, one for I another for P/B.

Memory Cards for GH4R Wed, 03 Feb 2016 05:59:23 +0000 Axier 14531@/talks/discussions I recently bought a Panasonic GH4R. I come from using a GH2+ Hack SanityX with memory cards Sandisk Extreme Pro SDHC 95MB / s 32 GB and 16 GB. My question is, What about my cards work on the new camera? Any recommendation to buy new? Thanks

gh2-sanity5.1-sd card? Fri, 22 Jan 2016 06:26:27 +0000 antonis 14472@/talks/discussions hallo guys.i want to have sanity 5.1 on my gh2 but i have a micro sd card 64gb/60mbps is ok to be the sanity stable?also if it s ok how many hour can i record in 64gb card with sanity(i mean the files is larger than unhacked gh2?) thank you!

its 2015, whats the best hack on the gh2 ? Fri, 11 Sep 2015 11:49:03 +0000 edubz 13697@/talks/discussions Since I got my gh2 I been using flowmotion hack. Supposedly, during my research 3 years ago, it was the best one for the best quality, and best low light quality hack...something about the a-b frames or what ever.

but its 2015 now, and I am wondering, if there are any better hacks then flow?

Is there a hack DMC-GM1 so a camera bought in Japan will allow English language? Wed, 02 Sep 2015 02:01:37 +0000 jefferson17 13643@/talks/discussions As per the title, if one buys a GM1 from Amazon Japan, it is possible to get one where the langage option to change isn't there. Thanks very much in advance, to anyone who may be able to help!



Flowmotion v2 very noisy footage pleaese help. Tue, 18 Aug 2015 02:12:53 +0000 dssob 13567@/talks/discussions Hello,

Recently I hacked my GH2 with Flowmotion 2.0.2. Video quality looks nice, but very noisy. I use Smooth with -2 -2 -2 -2, 14-42 lens, and 400 ISO. I tried using ISO 160 but result is the same..

Recording in Inteligent AUTO - no noise at all at the same place at the same light, whats the problem?

Panasonic GH2-NTSC to PAL Thu, 09 Aug 2012 13:57:44 +0000 tonymayallGH2 4188@/talks/discussions I live in South Africa, purchased my GH2 from the USA and only found out that it is ONLY NTSC filming, files and output, and need to know how to get it to film in PAL ie 50i and make PAL files and have PAL output? I thought that it was switchable between NTSC and PAL! But NO!

Gh4 supertones settings Thu, 16 Apr 2015 23:43:54 +0000 dallas 12818@/talks/discussions I love the filmic look this setting gives but i suspect it is only good for outdoor stuff, doesnt seem to hold up at higher isos, is this an accurate assesment?

GH2 hack good for 60fps Fri, 29 May 2015 17:33:45 +0000 Enzo101 13077@/talks/discussions So, I previously had the flowmotion 2.02 hack and tried to shoot at 720p 60fps with a 64GB 80mb/s sd card, but the write speed wasnt fast enough and recording would stop after 5 seconds. Now I switched to the sanity X patch and my cameras keeps crashing everything time I try to shoot at 60fps 720p on the same card. Any suggestions on a good and stable hack for 60fps 720p ???

Can the GH3 be switched from NTSC to PAL using this method Wed, 08 Apr 2015 16:05:04 +0000 simo777 12761@/talks/discussions I found a link here that lets you download the service manual: and I read through at page 16-19 shows you "How to define the Model Suffix", it shows you how to select the model suffix after replacing Main P.C.B.

My question is would it be possible for me to change my GH3PC (NTSC) camera to a GH3GC (PAL - India)? This would allow me to use in Europe without recording limit.

Where can i find some GH2 patches? Tue, 14 Apr 2015 12:40:31 +0000 danytone 12804@/talks/discussions Sorry guys i'm pretty late but i bought this camera just a few days ago and i was looking for some older/newer patch to put on my camera. Besides i'd like to find a way to restore the stock firmware (because it was hacked). I couldn't find any popular firmware because are all offline (EOSHD, etc...). Someone can help me? Thanks guys.

Hacked Lumix G-series cameras - please rank them in order of stable video quality Wed, 07 Mar 2012 01:53:43 +0000 spk 2514@/talks/discussions If someone has already posted an answer to my question below, please give me a link because I'm new to these forums and I haven't been able to find it with a search!

My question is: how do the hacked G-series cameras compare in terms of the best stable video quality available? I'm guessing, based on what I've read, that it's something like this:

GH2 > GH1 > GF2 > G2 > GF1.

Is that correct?

Exactly what are GH2 hacks? Thu, 26 Mar 2015 07:31:03 +0000 Fieel 12673@/talks/discussions I've been practicing with my GH2 for some weeks now, this is my first serious camera. I've always filmed with a Gopro but i never had money for a serious camera, after asking in many forums i decided to buy an used GH2, and people suggested me to hack it.

Now i feel like i want to hack it, but i have no idea what it is, how it works or what are the differences between all the hacks around here. There are a lot and i have no idea what changes between them. I've been following this guide: and even if it is idiot proof i still have some questions!

It asks me to download the original firmware and links directly to a download. I'm worried it might be dated? The guide is 3 years old.

It tells me to choose the patch i want, and links the "most popular one":[2]

Isn't it outdated, too? I mean, i know nothing about different patches and i don't know which one i should choose, can someone help me? How am i supposed to choose the one i want if i don't even know the peculiarities?

At some point is asks me to "Format an SD card in your GH2." . How am i supposed to format it in my GH2...? The only way i'd do this is by formatting the card on my PC and then inserting it on the camera.

I have so many doubts.

GH1 camcorder settings Sun, 01 Mar 2015 14:15:00 +0000 steblu74 12502@/talks/discussions Hey guys- I'm heading to Israel in a month or so and I want to take my unhacked GH1 instead of a camcorder. I don't want to spend my time looking ar menus and settings and miss the sights. Are there foolproof, rather idiot-proof settings that will make the GH1 as easy to use as an FX1 or a Canon HV40 or something like that? You know, general purpose, rather fiddle-proof settings, or should I just go buy a used HD camcorder?

Steve from Oregon

Panasonic Lumix gh2 - continuous motion picture patch Fri, 21 Mar 2014 14:14:45 +0000 Norway 9939@/talks/discussions Is there a patch that makes the camera to record motion picture continuously?

I, living in Norway, can only record for 29min 59sec. (This limit is an EU law has this restriction as it is a still picture camera and not a motion picture camera. Different taxes).

Driftwoood Intravenus v1 sharp Matrix? Do exist? Fri, 22 Aug 2014 02:53:56 +0000 dgf 11096@/talks/discussions Looking for the maybe no-existent Driftwoood Intravenus v1 sharp Matrix. I was thinking that I read it once...but maybe I'm very wrong.

DCT patches for GH2 hack Sun, 16 Nov 2014 08:42:04 +0000 apefos 11774@/talks/discussions DCT patches for GH2 hack - versions 16 november 2014

Please, read carefuly to understand the patches because I am keeping away from internet, this is my final work for the GH2. I did it in an attempt to make all the help I got from the "Masters of Hack" and all my previous developing to worth the effort.

State of the Art patches for GH2

Works for PAL and NTSC

The finest possible noise respecting the camera hardware limits and datarate of each version

Four different matrix configurations

Each datarate version is combined with the best matrix design for it, the image quality from the matrix increases together with the datarate

The quantization is balanced with the datarate to avoid compression artifacts in details, textures, noise and motion

Matrix quantization and design in best compression balance for details, textures, noise and motion, and to avoid compression noise patterns and artifacts

Matrix design follows the discrete cosine transformation (dct) frequency pattern

Sligtly more compression in color without hurting it, compared to luminance, to allow less compression in the Y channel

Less posterization and banding in dark areas and in homogeneous colors compared to FlowMotion while keeping similar quantization versions for motion quality

Avoids the line patterns, the variations in frames flux and minimizes high iso flickering from Nebula while keeping a similar fine noise quality

More stable than FlowMotion and Nebula, considering you load the correct datarate version for your memory card and correct version for the use of electronic auto features

Great performance in both low iso or high iso, avoids the macroblocking, mud and blur in textures

All versions works good for details, textures, noise and motion quality, but there are some versions better than others for each purpose, see below

only four different and best stable datarates versions for chose considering the memory card speed and the balance between image quality and the use of auto electronic features from camera body and native lenses

Lower datarates helps stability with the use of electronic auto features from native lenses and camera body, try the best version for your needs

Instead of a stop recording I perceived that the on screen overlays starts to become slower when using auto electronic features enabled, depending of the version used, I think this can be a result of a less stressing matrix for the camera processor achieving more stability using auto electronic features from lenses and camera body. This seems to be a result from the special matrix design

No camera freeze, if stop recording happens the camera saves the file and returns to stand by mode

The stop recording will never happens if you load the correct datarate version for your memory card and the correct combination of the electronic auto features for the chosen datarate version

The DCT patches have all the achievements from my previous work in the WorkHorse, Boson and Gspot patches, but with a new special matrix design. Go to the WorkHorse, Boson and GSpot topics for detailed explanation about the careful developing and settings for gop, gop tables, datarates, frame limits, frame buffers, datarate limits, quantizer.

Developed and tested with the Sandisk 32GB SDHC 45MBps memory card

Lower datarate versions can work in lower speed cards

The matrices:

DCT67 higher quantization, better for motion and to avoid compression artifacts in high iso noise, better to avoid flickering in iso 3200 and above (higher matrix quantization than FlowMotion, but the design avoids chrused quantization and helps to avoid posterization)

DCT56 more fine noise and less posterization in dark areas, I consider it the sweet spot for a balance among details, noise, texture, motion. IT does not increase compression artifacts and flickering in high iso significantly compared to DCT67 (same average quantization matrix of FlowMotion, but the design avoids chrused quantization and helps to avoid posterization)

DCT55 another step up to a more fine noise and less posterization in dark areas, more prone to flickering in iso 3200 and above (Quantization is smaller than FlowMotion)

DCT45 lowest quantization, the most fine noise but can show more flickering in iso 3200 and above (more close to nebula fine noise looking, but the design helps to avoid heavy linear quantization and keeps constant frame size in the frames flux)

All matrices works good to avoid flickering up to iso 1600, if the flickering increases in lower quantization versions it will be in iso 3200 and above, this happens because less quantization allows more variations in the pixels values, higher quantization helps to flatten the pixels values and minimizes variations from the CMOS sensor

I did experiments with matrices with even lower quantization and smaller entries than the DCT45, also similar to canis majoris, but flickering in high iso increases a lot and the codec breaks in 720p due to the maximum stable bitrate is not enough to handle the heavy amount of information generated by a very low quantization, a no go.

The versions:

In all versions the H slot can be more stable than SH, and FH can be more stable than FSH

In all versions the H slot increases the I frames size for better details in 720p low iso, the SH is better for noise and texture in 720p high iso, the H-switch feature

Combinations between matrices and datarates which increased compression artifacts was abandoned

In very high iso 6400/12800 the lower bitrate versions can show a small amount of compression artifacts, not an issue up to iso 1600/3200. The higher datarate versions allows iso 6400/12800 clean from artifacts

DCT67L = setA = low bitrate = best for lower speed cards, works with auto electronic features enabled, high isos 3200 and above can show artifacts, mainly in dark areas

DCT67M = setB = mid bitrate = good for all isos, but better for isos up to 1600, works with auto electronic features enabled, try in 30MBps cards and above

DCT67H = setC = high bitrate = great option for a balance between stability and avoid compression artifacts and flickering in iso 3200 and above, but does not work with auto electronic features

DCT67X = setD = maximum bitrate = best option for iso 3200 and above to avoid artifacts with less flickering, but can stop recording, does not work with auto electronic features, use fast memory card

DCT56M = setE = mid bitrate = the sweet spot version among all, great quality up to iso 3200 and allows the use of the auto electronic features, great balance among details, noise, texture, motion, try in 30MBps cards and above

DCT56H = setF = high bitrate = better quality in high than DCT56M iso but auto electronic features does not work

DCT56X = setG = maximum bitrate = best datarate for artifacts free together with a good balance between less posterization and less sensor flickering in iso 3200 and above, can stop recording

DCT55H = setH = high bitrate = for priorize fine noise quality

DCT55X = setI = maximum bitrate = for priorize fine noise quality, but can stop recording

DCT45X = setJ = maximum bitrate and the most fine noise matrix, can show more sensor flickering in iso 200 and above, can stop recording

Sensor flickering in iso 3200 and above is an issue from GH2 hardware, the most lower the matrix quantization the more prone to it the patch is.


setA low bitrate is the most stable for the use of auto electronic features in NTSC

setB and setE mid bitrate works for auto electronic features for PAL in all modes and for NTSC in almost all modes (not in SH and in FSH), the best choice for a balance between quality and features. Considering these two patches, setB is better for iso 3200 and above, setE is better for iso 1600 and below. In NTSC the H slot can be better for use the features in 720p on both

In all versions 24p L slot is lower datarate following 720p datarate,

24p H slot is higher datarate in all versions, same 24p quality in low, mid , high and maximum bitrate versions. The main change in datarate and all explanations above are for HBR, 1080i and 720p

HBR works ok in all versions

All versions have the H-switch to increase the I frames size using the H slot to get better details in 720p, SH slot better for noise

Format your memory card in camera before recording, helps stability. Always reboot camera and format the card after change NTSC/PAL or vice versa.


Ptool older versions Sun, 07 Dec 2014 09:04:04 +0000 maitilupas 11915@/talks/discussions Hi , Trying to find older versions of pctool but cannot find them , would like to try the Ptool 3.63d to see if I can make the ETC working with the HDMI out connected even if it freezes the cam I would try to see workarounds many thanks

Did My Hacked Settings Even Work? Sat, 15 Nov 2014 14:36:20 +0000 kamhunt 11768@/talks/discussions BASIC, new guy question: How do I know the hacked settings work/worked? I see no change in my menus on the camera? I don't see a way to select new settings and I don't see any new categories? Someone help a brotha' out

Moon T7 keeps crashing Fri, 31 Oct 2014 15:55:50 +0000 Seethlaw 11687@/talks/discussions So I installed MoonT7 on my gh2 and began filming with my Voigtlander 25mm F.95 and it crashed within the first two minutes (I was filming inside). I took out the batteries, tried it again but this time with a static shot and filmed the couch. It was working solid for 8 minutes before I decided to test it and walked in, sat on the couch then returned to the camera to find that it froze again.

I switched lenses to my Vivitar 55mm f2.8 Macro and repeated the test, it froze again after about a minute.

The shots weren't very detail heavy either, just an empty wall, couch and ma doggy.

I was using a Sandisk Extreme Pro 32gb/95mbs, which I purchased yesterday. Is it the wrong card for the job?

Does anyone have any advice or experience with this? Should I just reinstall the hack or try a different one?

Is "Peripheral Defocus" works on Hacked Lumix with No Manual Video Mode? Fri, 24 Oct 2014 02:30:35 +0000 yskunto 11624@/talks/discussions I read that several Lumix with no manual video mode has "Peripheral Defocus" which can control the aperture of the lens. Is there any hacked Lumix G2, GF2, GF3, G3, and GX3 owner that could confirm if their Lumix could do "Peripheral Defocus" and "Flicker Reduction" at the same time? Thank you.

How do I download the drew net patch? Fri, 24 Oct 2014 18:27:37 +0000 deekonmoses 11635@/talks/discussions I clicked on the zip file. It cam in my downloads folder on my iMac as a gray file. I tried to open it up and it keeps telling me I don't have the program to open it.

Ok First off I'm a noob lets get that out of the way. But I have a Lumix GF3 question. Sun, 19 Oct 2014 08:17:52 +0000 newcents88 11593@/talks/discussions Hey everyone I have a quick question. I have seen videos online with the Lumix GF3 hacked. I have found out how to hack the gh2 and gf2 but I can't figure the gf3 out. Also when I'm at No adverse effects I cant download the links it only give me the PNG options. First things first has anyone done the firmware hack on the GF3 ?? If so please help.

Grind Grid Fri, 19 Sep 2014 09:17:20 +0000 apefos 11331@/talks/discussions everyname patch name is turning into around G letter... GH2 is the camera name, GSpot was the best balance for I/P frames size between workhorse and boson, setG turned into sweet spot for datarate among A-J, and setG is 96Mbps--> 9+6=15, 1+5=6, G is the letter number 6. And now Grind Grid name was found after research about the matrix concept. it will take some time to do... coincidences or synchronicity?

Boson Fri, 05 Sep 2014 08:24:37 +0000 apefos 11199@/talks/discussions WorkHorse Boson

highest possible careful tweaked settings for very high image quality with enough stability for short takes up to 5 - 8 minutes.

Improved for best low light noise and textures in all modes, perfect for high iso, and excelent image texture in good light.

Arri Alexa image quality inside the GH2, (just missing the Alexa dynamic range of course)

default version:

*SH and H slots are better for good light in low iso and for more detailed scenes in good light

*SH slot is higher quality and more stable with manual focus legacy lenses

*H slot more stable with native lenses with electronic contacts

*H slot also better for use with image stabilization

*hbr is better in good light than in low light

*default version is more stable in SH and H 720p and in HBR than the boson version

*24p 24H and 24L are the same of boson

*great quality in all modes

boson version:

*SH slot improved for low light textures and noise

*H slot better for good light in low iso, better for more complex details scenes in good light

*H slot is more stable for native lenses

*HBR does the low light / good light balance automaticaly for better noise in low light or better detail in good light

*24p has same noise quality in both good light or low light for constant image texture this keeps same random noise in all light conditions, good for intercut with SH

*a little less stable in 720p and HBR than the default version

*best quality in all modes

seta = workhorse default

setb = workhorse boson

setc = workhorse default lower datarate in SH and H for more stability in 720p and hbr

setd = workhorse boson lower datarate in SH and H for more stability in 720p and hbr

sete = same as seta, but the 24H and 24L are optimized to deliver sharpest image for steady complex detail scenes, it does the automatic adaptation in 24p for low light noise or good light steady complex detail scenes

setf = same as setc, but the 24H and 24L are optimized to deliver sharpest image for steady complex detail scenes, it does the automatic adaptation in 24p for low light noise or good light steady complex detail scenes

all tests performed in NTSC with the Sandisk 32GB SDHC Class 10 U1 45Mbps card.

transcode the original mts files to Apple ProRes 422 full range using the 5DtoRGB free software before editing to avoid the diagonal pattern rain problem. Try the ProRes HQ, normal and LT versions to perceive the best balance between quality/file size.

as of september 05 2014 all versions are modified flowmotion 2.02 with extensive careful tweaking

please donate to

Finally got a GH2 Thu, 14 Aug 2014 16:17:35 +0000 JayUKB 11048@/talks/discussions Well, after quite some time of thinking "I should get a GH2" I finally have (and not one that shoots my other/previous post).

You know, I kind of feel like the proverbial pig in sh*t.... many of you have owned the GH2..there was the hack..then some patches...then more...and then others like the Quantum..Intravenus...Moon...etc.

I come late to the sweet shop .... but.. soooo many 'sweets' to enjoy!