Import, Convert, Exporting Tue, 15 Apr 14 22:11:30 -0600 Import, Convert, Exporting en-CA Exporter for Adobe Premiere for ProRes and hevc h.265 Mon, 14 Apr 2014 11:48:44 -0600 GOODYES 10161@/talks/discussions Cinemartin is proud to release a plugin for various NLE editors, initially for Adobe Premiere Pro, that allow users to export sequence timeline to all versions of prores and to HEVC H.265.

Do you own a camcorder or recorder that records to Prores, like blackmagic Production Camera, BMD 4K, an Atomos Ninja, Samurai or Convergent Design Oddisey recorder (CD has updated to include prores as recording format) or do you own or will you own the new Blackmagic Design URSA.

All of this product have the ability to record to prores, so well you can have a superb videos ready for edit, but, heyy, a windows user ? well you can convert your videos to prores using Cinec, but, what for your edit sequences ? So, you back your prores to your Windows computer, then you choose Adobe premiere for edit those superb videos and .. now you want to export that videos to .. ey ¿? you wnat to preserve that excellence picture that comes in prores but you can't export to prores on a pc ..

Here is where comes Cinemartin Cinec Plin, to Export your timeline sequences from Adobe Premiere and other NLE's to prores and to h265.

Video hands on:

GH4 and avid Thu, 03 Apr 2014 06:27:48 -0600 mrbill 10044@/talks/discussions Having trouble importing Driftwood 24p 4k .mov file into avid. Looks like a codec problem (solid green screen on ama link.) Anybody having success with this? I'm on MCv7. Thanks

5DtoRGB for GH2 - advantages vs disadvantages? Thu, 28 Jul 2011 18:27:48 -0600 qwerty123 530@/talks/discussions 8mm film scanner transfer possible? Wed, 11 Dec 2013 15:15:36 -0700 ragnar 9058@/talks/discussions I had my Super 8mm home movies transferred to DVD about 20 years ago. I think they bounced the image off a mirror and onto a video camera and then made the DVD, I think. Anyway, the transfer isn't bad really and I've edited the footage in Premiere on and off over the years, however, I was recently thinking that there must be better ways of doing it today in 2013. Has anyone here had their Super 8 films ran through a proper film scanner for archiving? How did it look? Did it cost a million dollars? ; ) I have about 13 reels of various lengths. If it is hyper pricey I wouldn't do it, but of course that's relative to the person. I've done a google search but I'm looking to hear from someone here who might have done this.

Harold House

Davinci shows wrong duration of my files?! Sat, 15 Mar 2014 04:49:15 -0600 elsalvador 9881@/talks/discussions Hi,

i have a Problem with Davinci resolve. Resolve shows me wrong Duration for my Clips (Audio and MOV Material).


Windows and Adobe Premiere shows that my WAV file has a duration of 1:03:33

Davinci Resolve says it has a duration of 1:03:29.

WTF? ... Same Problem with my GH2 Files wich i moved to an MOV Container with ffmpeg.

I recordet my mov files in 23.976 fps. Resolve Settings are also on 23.976.

Can anybody explain that?

Greetings Matthias

GH1 pulldown removal Cineform, Neoscene, GoPro not working anymore... Mon, 10 Mar 2014 11:49:12 -0600 debuys 9833@/talks/discussions I pulled out my old GH1 for a multicam shoot and tried to import a MTS file into the GoPro program, and it didn't work. Then I tried Neoscene as it is still installed on my computer. While I was able to put the file in que Neoscene failed with an error message. I'll post the text later when I get to my desktop. I suppose I could install Blackwells 24p patch, but that won't help me with existing footage. Also, I still use my HV30 from time to time.

Anyone run into this or have an alternative on a PC?

24p to 25p Conversions/conforms Sun, 25 Mar 2012 17:22:57 -0600 Rambo 2687@/talks/discussions How many PAL users on Personal Views are shooting the superior 24p cinema mode and converting/conforming to 25p? Apart from the affect this has on audio and assuming footage is all shot where 50Hz flicker is not an issue ( ie outdoors - daylight), are you finding this is a better solution than shooting HBR 25 if the conversion/conform is done correctly?

Lets talk about big files Sun, 02 Mar 2014 03:46:17 -0700 UEstudios 9765@/talks/discussions So Im at this point where I directly transcode all my GH3 footage to prores4:4:4 (with Cinemartin) before performing my online editing. I edit offline out of crappy looking proxys because my system is crippled and slow. (Bulk rename utility allows me to keep all filenames consistent)

I edit my online on that Prores4:4:4 and then I export a DPX sequence out of AE. (Dpx's allow me to re-render specific parts of the piece without having to re-render all of it if something went wrong)

I want to put that back into Prores 4:4:4 but because Im on pc's I have very few options. Cinemartin doesnt cut it, it's giving too many problems to render Dpx sequences, specially adding the audio.

So I'm trying to find a way to get a 4:4:4 final output from my DPX sequence. The only workaround I found is (and I don't know if im totally messing up everything doing this) .. rendering it in "avi uncompressed" then import to cinemartin and then transcode to prores4:4:4 for archive or whatever.

Now: This Avi uncompressed format is everywhere from Vegas to premiere ae etc, what is it exacly? is it any better than prores444? Some people told me it has been "discontinued" or "just dont use that shit" type of things...

Is it a 4:4:4 format? Am I mixing different concepts here? Anybody using that?

Sure, filesize are enourmous, but im on working on 2 rigs, one for transcoding with 6tb space and another one for editing (a gaming laptop) with a 512gb ssd on it, both plugged to each other with a 1gbps lan. So... I can actually handle those filesizes.

To my eye, results look good, the final result is that it actually breaks down less when performing online that if I would just edit over the original from the gh3

Any insights? Anybody can explain me in detail what is that uncompressed avi about?

Edit: So no, I'm not so sure that is better to transcode... just ran a test:

Took 1 50p50mbpsIPB clip from the GH3 Transcode to Prores444 and Avi uncompressed apply same codec destruction pack of effects check

I noted one thing: Artifacts would pop out like crazy when doing the same on a darker scene, although on that one of the test where there is a nice dynamic range... I actually had some trouble making the artifacts pop out properly.

GH3 Data rate and colour management compression Mon, 23 Dec 2013 06:05:35 -0700 Wotsisname 9174@/talks/discussions Hi all,

I am confused about the 50mbps / 72mbps date rate that the GH3 supposedly records at.

My footage, recorded as H264 MOV files in either of these high bit rates, is listed in FCP as between 5.8mbps and 8.5mbps. Analysing the footage with cinema tools reveals the same data rate - not the 50 / 72 it should be.

If I convert the files to ProRes I get the higher data rates - around 30 - 60mbps. Although this is closer, and sometimes in excess of the data rate I want, am I not merely up-resing the footage? The new date rate might be higher, but if it is not what the camera recorded, the information isn't t there.

I am also confused about the colour management. My h264 footage has a colour profile of 1-1-1. Is that the best I can get? I read somewhere that the GH3 will record 2-4-1. How do I set that?

Again up-resing to prores 422 or 444 will not introduce colours that are not recorded in the first place!

I look forward to hearing people's thoughts.


90% of my audience enjoys my clips at 360p. I need to get the most of it. Any tips? Sun, 02 Feb 2014 05:45:28 -0700 UEstudios 9523@/talks/discussions Im currently releasing my work on youtube and I live in Vietnam. Here internet tops at 4mbps, that means that the 1080p option is only usable if you are going to download it or for the richer people. But when it comes to the general public, the 360p option is what most people is using. So I need my videos to look the best I can get them to look in that option. I I found out after a few tries that uploading files at the same bitrate as the camera which is around 70mbps (shooting on a Gh3) it doesn't make much difference than uploading files @35mbps or @100mbps. H264 codec.

Sometimes I even got superblocking going there even uploading such huge files. I exported from After Effects and Premiere and even Vegas, and results are gorgeus on my computer and so on but I can still can't get to have the 360p resolution that I have seen around youtube for some famous music videos. For example Gangnamstyle at 360p looks rather nice.

My videos with issues:

Check out that super blocking at second 16. Notice how the title graphic looks great. May it be some wrong I-frame P B Frame setting? this one uploaded at 70mbps.

Check out throughout this whole clip how from 360p to 480p the change is massive

This videos on a 24inch screen are absolute sharp and added filmish grain too.

How can I manage to have youtube render my video the best possible at the 360p option? I guess changing some format settings to match youtube's or something may do the trick?

Vevo stuff:

Notice how at 360p the quality is rather ok. Do Vevo people get more bitrate or something? Upload uncompressed?

I find this rather important, it means the first sight viewers have of the piece. Even more important for me when I know 90% of the public enjoys it at 360p :(

Thanks for reading

Bit Rate, Frame Dropping, Frame Bending, Mathematics Sun, 02 Mar 2014 09:26:09 -0700 Mckinise 9766@/talks/discussions Let's say you have an Action camera with the following specs:

1080p at 50fps Bit Rate = 28mbps 1080p at 25fps Bit Rate = 16mbps

You intercut the 50p (25p) (Close range and POV) with Multicam DSLR footage of 24p (Medium and Wide). You Drop the Footage into a 24p timeline with a 24mbps Bit Rate and have the option of either dropping frames or bending frames.

1- How much information is lost conforming 50p to 24p?

2- Will the information lost from the 50p footage lead to the 25p (16mbps) footage having a higher Bit Rate in the 24p timeline?

3- Is it better to drop the 50p into a 25p time line, render at 25p, and then drop the new file into the 24p timeline?

4- Is it better to just forgo the 50p and use the 25p (16 Mbps)?

60p, 30p, 24p same size on SD card? Thu, 27 Feb 2014 23:10:02 -0700 rubefink 9731@/talks/discussions Probably simple answer but...for each framerate my 32gig SD card estimates 1 hour and 24 minutes. Shouldn't 60p take up more space since there's more frames? Or is it more based on the MBPs? And if that's the case does that mean that 60p is technically lower quality than 24p at 50mbps since you're squeezing more frames into the same data rate?

Diagonal rain appears using GH2 + Premiere Pro CS6 without a hack Mon, 11 Feb 2013 19:53:46 -0700 PeterParkorr 6094@/talks/discussions Hi,

I've been trying to work out why exporting some noisy low light footage in premiere pro CS6 is giving me 'diagonal rain' problems that aren't present in the original m2ts files from my GH2.

Reading two similar topics (below) the problem seems to be related to GOP length, which hack is being used, and the decoding abilities of certain players. But I shot this footage with the original firmware so this can't apply? Possibly it is a CS6 specific issue?

It's not footage I can take again so any advice on how to export this without the noise would be amazing... I'm a beginner but not posted it there as the problem seems to be a complicated one.

I just uploaded the start of my edit to youtube for an example of the problem. Some of my footage was 24p and some was 50 fps 720p but the problem persists in all the export formats I've tried;

help for a noob. How render high bitrate 72 mbs mov. from gh3 in Adobe Premiere Tue, 18 Feb 2014 17:02:47 -0700 rezyserzycia 9660@/talks/discussions Hello everybody. I can not find a topic so Im asking here. I can not make a good video quality from my new gh3. Im rendering footage in Adobe Premiere Pro on my windows,going to render, h.264 and later making the bitrate to the max -50mbs but the files is really huge.

Is a better way to do this?

Im making a videos that will help me to go in next year to film school. Gh3 was a gift for me but the high bitrate is really a problem for me. I really like my old gh1 but If I have a gh3, I just wanna make as good videos as possible. But I think that I will have it max 1 month, its just to proffesional for me, I must learn how create a story, not a good, clear image.

thx a lot for answers. If this question is really a dumb and noob, pelase delete it.


Changing work of a DIT Tue, 18 Feb 2014 08:05:19 -0700 ahbleza 9655@/talks/discussions I feel a very important topic that is often overlooked, but is essential on every large and small production, is that of the DIT. I was wondering how many people here specialize in this? It's something that takes a lot of the skills of a video engineer, camera operator, DP and colorist, as well as computer RAID engineering and high speed Internet links.

Will this job still be around in a few years, as camera systems evolve -- or will the tasks just mutate as they've done over the past 20 years that DITs have been around (in one form or another.)

Here are a few instructive links on exactly what being a DIT entails ... I'd love to hear from others on PV about their DIT experience.

Weird Exporting/Playback Issues - Look At The Snapshots! Fri, 14 Feb 2014 14:03:58 -0700 producer 9622@/talks/discussions Has anybody experienced such an issue:

After rendering out a video file with CineForm, DNxHD or other codecs, there is always a huge difference when playing the rendered video file back on different players. For example, just take a look at the attached snapshots below: the 1st is with Windows Media Player and other players; the 2nd is with QuickTime Player. As you can see, the video from QTP looks exactly as edited and graded before rendering out, while the same video from WMP and other players gets highlights overblown and other destructive effects. Is that normal, how to fix this problem? When I put the same (rendered) video file on Sony Vegas or AE timeline, it looks properly as it is and as QTP shows it. Re-rendering this already rendered video file with various codecs and settings goes to the same issues. The same issue I experience with video files converted with 5D2RGB - QTP shows it properly with the 1.8 gamma lifted up, while WMP and the other players show exactly zero difference from the source MTS video file. So, why does this happen? Any idea why the video editors display the video properly and then the other players don't?

Another issue: the WMP snapshot is vertically stretched a little, don't know why and this appears on the TV too as well as the destroyed highlights and other defects; while the QTP snapshot looks exactly as it should. I'm shocked!!! Any help and suggestions? Thanks in advance!

GH2 Timelapse workflow with After Effects Sat, 01 Feb 2014 12:37:24 -0700 fstopandgo 9515@/talks/discussions I am currently working on finishing a job in which I used a GH2 for time-lapse as well as film. I am a arch-visualizer and not a filmmaker but I am asked to make films from time to time so much of this is new to me. Now I searched for a workflow topic and this topic combines after effects as well Time-lapse so If there is an existing topic please refer me. I am not working with raw photos as I was taking one picture every second and the extreme pro card and buffer could not keep up. Either way I am in after effects grading and animating my 16mp still sequences. I want to now bring them to premier to do my finishing(that was a work flow that I saw and it seems to work for me). The problem is what is the best way to do that. For the trailer I rendered out a png sequence and it worked but the problem was that it played back poorly on my system and wasn't worth the render-time. I am PC so I cannot render out to prores as I do not have it. Is there another format to render to that will be faster, or is dynamic link the best option. Dynamic link doesn't seem too good as my AE comps usually have a few movements/color corrections and tax my system.

Here is the trailer if anyone is interested:

WinRewrap - Batch ReWrap MTS to MP4/MOV . Sun, 30 Sep 2012 17:42:50 -0600 fatpig 4775@/talks/discussions Hello,

I wrote a little Tool called WinRewrap. It will Batch Process MTS Files to MP4/MOV and adjust References to the MTS accordingly in your XML File. It uses ffmbc. ( ) I wrote it primarily for exchange between the new Sony Vegas Pro 12 and DaVinci Resolve. But it can be used for any Batch rewrapping task of MTS.

Of course, this is a very early version, so please let me know any problems that may occur. Note: Audio was converted to AAC in v0.1. Later version keeps the audio stream.

I hope you can use it as well as I can. Ideas, suggestions and Bug Reports, please post here.




The Homepage is still in development. Anybody who would like to donate a small amount is appreciated :)

WinRewrap v 0.4

Changelog 0.4:

  • Added Cancel Option while ReWrapping
  • Added PCM and No Audio option

Changelog 0.3:

  • Added Option to Convert Audio to AAC
  • Added Check for 0-byte Files (returns error now)



  • ffmbc.exe (Release was tested with version 0.7.1 rc7) put it in the same folder as the WinRewrap exe.

  • Windows 7 / Vista Users may experience errors related to writing permissions.

Fix: Turn up your UAC to "always notify". if you turn it to not notifying, some applications are automatically denied access. like winrewrap.

to fix those, copy WinRewrap and ffmbc.exe to your Project Folder. (Tip: WinRewrap starts with its containing Folder under the Browse Dialog, If its your project Folder you can just click OK.)



support for rewrapping .MTS Files to .MP4 and .MOV using ffmbc.exe

this is essentially a frontend for ffmbc, designed for batch processing project folders containing multiple MTS Files and optionally an XML.

This enables project export from The New Sony Vegas Pro 12 to DaVinci Resolve, and can also be used for normal batch processing of entire Folders from GH2, etc.

It will automatically replace the MTS extensions to your new Container inside the XML, so you can automatically use it with the rewrapped files.

Known Issues:

Big Endian PCM Audio is not supported in Stream Copy Mode as of Version 0.4 (AF100) WinRewrap can, however convert to little Endian PCM Audio.

Bug reports please in the dedicated thread on



CINEC Encoder Sun, 30 Dec 2012 05:16:03 -0700 Vitaliy_Kiselev 5616@/talks/discussions Seems to support ProRes, DNxHD, XDCAM


Whats Youtube doing with my colors? Wed, 22 Jan 2014 11:56:56 -0700 elsalvador 9419@/talks/discussions Hi,

Youtube changes my colors after i upload my videos (264h export) on Youtube . Why is this happening and how can i avoid it? (Left= Premiere preview fullscreen, Right: Youtube Upload fullscreen in 1080p).

I already spend days with this problem and i still have no answer. There are no forum posts about this issue. It seems that im the only one who is complaining? Its very frustrating after spending a lot of time with color correction.

Please heeeeelp!!!!! -.-

Youtube converts legal range video to full range?? Sat, 25 Jan 2014 20:10:57 -0700 joethepro 9452@/talks/discussions Ijust uploaded a legal range (16-235) H264 video to youtube, and it seems to have converted it back to full range, its pretty obvious in the darks. I know for a fact it is a legal range video, I rendered it from Resolve that way.

Is there any way to get it to upload in the original format, or does youtube always mess with your videos?

Color export shift. Dell U2410 wrong profile. Sat, 25 Jan 2014 10:52:56 -0700 konjow 9445@/talks/discussions Colors getting change as soon as timeline is open for export. I need help. I had the same issue last year and I ended up with fresh system installed. I could not find out what was cousin this issue but fresh osx instal helps and everything was OK. I wasn't to exited to install everything again today and after all it did not help. Exported video looks washed out like in export window. especially reds-became yellow (visible on picture below). I tried open PP project and export in AE - same result. Any Ideas?

Problem with 5dtogrb Sun, 19 Jan 2014 05:35:29 -0700 Antonjb 9386@/talks/discussions Hi, I just bought a gh2 and uses 5dtorgb to convert the files. But my result becomes not so good. Its lines in the picture when its moving and in the raw file its not there, So whats the problem?


Premiere Pro CS6 reducing resolution of all exported video Wed, 15 Jan 2014 00:52:58 -0700 IVIaverick52 9353@/talks/discussions So this is the first I've seen this happen and I can't find any info online. Basically when I export a project in premiere I get severe aliasing and overall reduced resolution, no matter what setting. Exporting 1080p in MP4, DNxHD, uncompressed AVI all give the same results, resolution that's closer to 720p than 1080p. The odd thing is I've compared the out of camera MTS files (and even the DNxHD converted files used in the project) to the outputted files from Premiere, and they look totally normal. I'm using a GH2 with Drewnet T9 and it's been great but this is really stumping me.

My current workflow is: MTS files into AE > converted to 2.33 aspect ratio (1920x824) DNxHD format > footage imported and edited within Premiere Pro > exported as 175 bit DNxHD 1920x1080 master file. Note that the 2.33 conversion is strictly letterboxing via composition settings in AE and not altering the pixel dimensions (as those 1920x824 files don't show the pixilation).

One thing I noticed was that when I expand the video feed in Premiere it shows the pixilation that's outputted in the final format, but I wrote that off as simply being reduced resolution for real time playback that wouldn't translate to the final video. Also the preview remains pixilated even with no effects applied (only effects on clips are quick color corrector, Neat Video, and shadows/highlights).

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I've included a still of the 175 bit DNxHD final video, and a matching frame of the original MTS file straight from the camera. Ignore the top and bottom margins, but look at the high contrast lines like on the Marshal logo, and the metal frame of the B-52 amp below it.

Encoding parameters to view footage on GH2 Tue, 07 Jan 2014 20:27:13 -0700 TATZU 9288@/talks/discussions Is There Any Way Or Codec Etc. Too Make It To Where You Can Playback edited footage on GH2?

Say you wanna watch some of your films or something on your gh2 but they have been edited and you want to watch the edited version is there any way of converting it so it can be played on the gh2? yes i know it is a weird quiesiton thanks!

GH2 Moon T7 - Patch whats best export. settings in Premier Pro cs6 ??? Mon, 06 Jan 2014 23:33:02 -0700 ura 9278@/talks/discussions Hey guys im new to this site/forum so Hi to all :) I have few questions, as you know im using gh2 and moon t7 patch with high b-rate and ive did a vide but what is the best EXPORTING SETTINGS in Premier Pro cs6 for lets say personal use like id show to friends and stuff so it could be havyier on the memory side of export and what is the best export for sites like YOUTUBE and VIMEO ???

Windmotion - upsampling to 4:4:4 Fri, 25 Jan 2013 20:57:48 -0700 zsero 5909@/talks/discussions I've just seen this post over at doom9 forums about a guy making a super high quality filter to upsample to 4:4:4 16-bit. Especially for GH2 / GH3 owners. Trying to invite him over here.

Convert GH2-files before editing Thu, 15 Mar 2012 16:12:54 -0600 davidhjlindberg 2590@/talks/discussions Hi guys,

I wonder what format you convert your AVCHD-files too before editing. I would want to get something in 10bit but Cineform is to expensive and my grading software, DaVinci Resolve doesn't support .mov wrapped Avid DNxHD.

What do you suggest?

Edit: Rewrap DNxHD MXF files to Quicktime files solved via firmware update. New problem now tho. Tue, 07 Feb 2012 14:20:19 -0700 Brian202020 2216@/talks/discussions The new Hyperdeck Shuttle 2 records DNxHD files in the MXF wrapper. These files can only be read by Avid's NLE. If these file could be rewrapped into a quicktime wrapper then other NLE's would be able to read the files. Many people on many forums are trying to find a solution to this. I want to start this thread here to get more people joining the cause. The Hyperdeck Shuttle 2 is a great buy at an amazing price, and if we could get the files rewrapped or transcoded cheaply it would be huge.

Has anyone done this successfully? Or at least have any good idea's on how to do this?

Rewrap an AVCHD file from quicktime .mov to .mts (Premiere issues) Tue, 05 Feb 2013 12:31:36 -0700 CNek 6019@/talks/discussions Hello everyone ! I'm not new to this forum (a long time reader) but never posted yet. I'm an independent motion designer with some degree of photography and video skill, though i'm not rock solid on my video workflow yet... ;)

Making music video I started with FCPX which I love but crippled in some ways. No clear multi-track editing, not good communication with After Effects (which is my daily main tool), not a lot of plugin available... So I making the switch to Premiere, however I experienced troubles with FCPX original importted medias which are AVCHD file rewrapped to .mov. Don't have the MTS anymore... It's a known bug by Adobe, Premiere doesn't like this 32 bits container for native editing, basically render takes FOREVER (CPU saturated, slooooow scrubbing). No need to mention that I have a monster beast as a computer and everything is working fine with every others player. MTS high bitrate files from other projects works great in Premiere, in case if you're in doubt. I tried a tool called "remux" for mac but couldn't rewrap my clips in something other that MKV. These MKV will plays fine in VLC and Premiere but no sound in the last one.... too bad I was so close !

I searched through adobe forums and they made it clear : MOV and AVCHD in Premiere is not a good team for editing in Premiere, better stick with native MTS wrapper.... that I don't have anymore as I noticed before :'(

If someone knows a good workaround for rewrapping AVCHD's .mov files in something other that Premiere understand.... You will save my day :^)

Cheers mates.