Cameras Sun, 30 Apr 17 10:51:17 -0600 Cameras en-CA ImagineVision 4K m43 drone camera Fri, 26 Jun 2015 08:19:59 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 13286@/talks/discussions image

GH2 - 2016 Mon, 01 Feb 2016 13:20:40 -0700 Pluttiplutt 14520@/talks/discussions I can get a used GH2 for about 250$. Is a hacked GH2 today in 2016 still one of the best videocameras, if I don't want to use 4k?

Looking for recommendation for camera with easily accessible HDMI output + wifi control Fri, 17 Feb 2017 14:59:31 -0700 csync 16466@/talks/discussions Hey guys! A friend of mine asked me for a camera recommendation and I figured I would check in here first.

He's looking for:

  • Wifi controllable
  • Reliable HDMI output (a lot of cameras seem to cripple their HDMI out with unstable outputs)
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • As inexpensive as possible (isn't this always the case?)

Currently I am considering recommending the Sony a6300 and the Panasonic GH4. Anything else I should take a look at? The HDMI signal is going to be used to overlay with some other visual data from another camera, so the more reliable and stable the better. I remember the GH2/4 previously having some issues with this.

Appreciate your time, thanks guys!

Kinefinity? Fri, 10 Feb 2017 09:22:35 -0700 rplatte 16442@/talks/discussions Hey, everyone. I'm looking into the Kinefinity TERRA cameras for an upcoming production. The color science looks amazing, and matches nicely with my GH2, and I can wrangle BlackMagic footage to work, too. Anybody have experience with their brand, or any recommendations?

Printer that Shoots Stills and FullHD Video: Polaroid Snap Touch Thu, 19 Jan 2017 17:42:35 -0700 markr041 16353@/talks/discussions The Polaroid Snap Touch is a $179 Bluetooth-enabled camera that prints pictures. Or is it a $179 Bluetooth printer that takes stills and video?

In any case, it takes 13 megapixel stills and shoots FullHD video at 30.00 fps and instantly prints 2x3 pictures (which you can also edit), from it or even from your smartphone if you connect by bluetooth.

It has a touch screen for settings and viewing that enables touch screen focusing (better than most of those expensive Sony's!). It takes microsd cards up to 128 GBs.

Here is a test video, taken straight from the camera with no re-compression, except what Vimeo does:

This video was shot with the blue version, but you can get pink, white, black, red, or purple. polaroidrumors says that blue produces the best image quality. I hope that someone (else) does the comparison so we can know for sure which one is best.

Oh yes, you get a wrist lanyard and 10 sheets of paper in the box. And, it has a magnetic lens cap.

Analog film slr advice (esp. regarding mount compability) Nikon F3, Canon F1 Mon, 12 Dec 2016 07:01:32 -0700 VortekShow 16165@/talks/discussions Hello guys,

I am looking to buy a film slr but want to use cool old vintage lenses like m42 screw mount, minolta, contax etc (I already have some) and therefore look for a camera that allows lens adapting. Which mount respectively camera would you go with? SLR's I am interested in (price not bigger than 250€ preferably lower): Nikon F3 Canon F1 Olympus OM 4 Minolta XK (you can also recommend others)

absolute cheapest 4k camera with zoom lens and unlimited rec time? Sun, 11 Dec 2016 02:56:48 -0700 fatpig 16162@/talks/discussions I'm looking for a the cheapest 4k camera that has a zoom lens and can be set/hacked to unlimited rec time. I want to set it up on a tripod for live shows, for personal and youtube use later on. thanks guys :)

Help to choose my next run&gun camera Wed, 23 Nov 2016 12:06:59 -0700 harryharry 16095@/talks/discussions I am looking for a small camera system for traveling. I do a lot of wilderness trips where I have to carry the gear for days so size and weight needs to be taken into consideration. I will use the camera 70% for photo and 30% video.

I just sold of a GH2 and a Nikon D750. I really liked the GH2 for video. Not so much as a photo camera. The D750 was an excellent photo camera and the video quality was good. However the camera and good full frame lenses are heavy. The camera needed to be mounted on a tripod or a rig to get usable video. The AF for fast moving subjects for video was not so good and MF with LCD was difficult. In the end I decided to sell both cameras to find one smaller and lighter camera that can do both.

My wishes are as following:

  • Not too heavy and big
  • Weather sealing for camera and lens
  • 70% for photo 30% for video
  • One large range all-round lens with good image quality (I have lots of good primes with Nikon mount)
  • Good stabilization for video since I most of the time do not bring a tripod, monopod or rig.
  • Mic in for external microphone (For critical things I use an external recorder)

Options I have been looking at:

Panasonic G80/G85 with 12-60 kit lens (Then maybe upgrade to the Leica 12-60 when it becomes available)

  • Small and light system with good photo and video quality
  • Stabilization not as good as Olympus
  • A lot of camera for the money

Olympus Om-D MarkII with 12-100 lens

  • Expensive
  • Video quality not as good as G85?
  • Impressive stabilization
  • Seems very rugged with good weather sealing (Better than Panasonic?)

Panasonic GH5

  • Many details still unknown and an unknown release date
  • Better video features than I need?

What do you think? Any other cameras I should consider?

1000$ camera... what is the best choice (mainly for video)? Thu, 24 Mar 2016 02:07:55 -0600 lumixmaxgh3 14858@/talks/discussions Panasonic GH4 (v-log) Samsung NX1 (upcoming hack) Sony a6300 (S-log3)

your opinion?

Help a teem with limited budget to choose a good camera Wed, 09 Nov 2016 10:07:45 -0700 camerahacks 16019@/talks/discussions Hello everyone.

Thank you for a great site.

I'm a teenager from the UK that wants to learn photography as a hobby. After I realised my mobile phone photo shots were rubbish, I've been slowly saving to buy a camera. But with so much choice out there, I don't know which one to go for. My dad used to have a 2009 Panasonic FZ38 which I know is now a bit on the old side, but it did have good quality photos.

Forgive me as I'm on a very tight budget. I want a camera within £200 (approx $250) range for a second-hand one. I'm not too fussed if it's slightly outdated or doesn't have stuff like wifi etc.

The main features I'm looking for are:

  • As good quality photos as possible
  • Can do good Bokeh effects and aperture is as low as possible
  • Can do 1080p movies at least at 30fps

Bonus Features (if possible)

  • Hackable to allow for improvements
  • Wireless
  • Can exchange lens
  • Not too bulky
  • If it can be modern with good features then that would be great

So what can you guys recommend?

Google Jump Mon, 01 Jun 2015 11:15:49 -0600 alcomposer 13088@/talks/discussions AKA the video UFO, or "much to do with a f**k load of gopros"

What we know so far:

  • 16 Cameras
  • Uses image computation to render 360 VR & 3D VR Scene, AKA Lightfield
  • Image computation may be too power hungry to run on a single computer- (maybe Google Compute?)
  • Youtube is now 360VR Aware- use python script to activate- with equirectangular video (4k looks like max)
  • GoPros have an extended battery (possibly the orange thing in the photo)
  • GoPros are also synced
  • Google experimenting with best material for UFO. Plastic - Metal - Wood - Unobtainium, final design will be available online
  • Looks like there may be a fisheye element on front of each camera, (otherwise how is the top & bottom captured)
Hasselblad V1D concept camera Tue, 20 Sep 2016 06:40:34 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 15763@/talks/discussions image

Product page -


What happens when you combine the fundamental principles behind the classic Hasselblad cameras with cutting edge technology, modern production methods and contemporary design? The V1D 4116 Concept is a study created to explore the Hasselblad heritage to find new ways of designing innovative cameras for the future. Hasselblad’s engineers and designers came up with a modular concept with a square format (75MP) inspired by the classic Hasselblad V Camera.

One of the fundamental principles behind the design of the V1D is the modular approach. Hasselblad has created a uniquely flexible platform for photographers to set up the camera to suit their specific needs.

The camera body is more or less a black box, carefully machined out of a solid block of aluminium, carrying fixings for modules on 4 sides. The top and the back surface can carry modules that cover the entire surface such as displays, viewfinders and holders for accessories. The left and right hand surfaces have round fixings for controls and grips. The photographer can choose where to place the display – or if needed it is possible to have two displays. Users can have a viewfinder on the top and a display at the back. The camera can be used with the robust, but generic grip or held like a classic V Camera to reach the exposure button in the front.

With the V1D being completely modular, left-handed photographers can also configure the camera perfectly for their needs, with the rotary dial controls for aperture and shutter speed placed on either the left or right hand side. All in all, there are many ways to personalize the V1D. The proportions of the body have been carefully developed to find the perfect blend between a modern product expression and the classic Hasselblad silhouette.

Best Cameras for YouTube Videos Sat, 03 Sep 2016 03:23:35 -0600 MikeLinn 15647@/talks/discussions

Shootout DVPRO 2016 Fri, 05 Aug 2016 15:43:54 -0600 MikeLinn 15479@/talks/discussions

Olfi 4K action cam with Sony Exmor-R sensor Mon, 02 May 2016 20:41:23 -0600 silverfox 15035@/talks/discussions Interesting and cheap new action cam - £125. Apparently, compatible with GOPRO accessories. It has some desirable features - Gyro image stabilisation, HDR mode, ISO limits can be set at 100, 400 and 1600. It also has option for automatic “Fisheye” reduction and frequency selection (50HZ - 60HZ). Video specs are quite OK too:

4K  –  24fps  –  (3840×2160 pixels – interpolated from 2880×2160 pixels)
 2.5K  –  30fps  –  (2560×1440 pixels)
 1440p – 30fps – (1920×1440 pixels – produces super wide 4:3 aspect ratio)
 1080p  –  30/60fps  –  (1920×1080 pixels)
 720p  –  120fps  –  (1280×720 pixels)
 VGA  –  30fps  –  (640×480 pixels)

More info at their site -

Leica M-D - digital camera without screen Fri, 29 Apr 2016 17:16:58 -0600 karl 15026@/talks/discussions With some embarrasment I read that Leica actually releases a digital camera without screen. (See also:


Their "monochrome only" camera was already pretty retro, but ok, not having a Bayer patterned sensor does have some advantages should one really be interested in monochrome photography, only.

But a digital camera without a screen? To "not spoil the suspense of what your pictures look like before you watch them back at home"? Seriously?

That's the kind of over-the-top retro nonsense no reasonable person would buy. What's next? A Leica without shutter, were like with the 19th-century camera you temporarily remove a lens cap manually to time exposure?

I would rather like to see Leica contributing to the future of photography then to reliving its past...

Hasselblad H6D-100c = 100MP chip - Shoots 4K RAW videos Fri, 08 Apr 2016 04:41:40 -0600 PauloTeixeira 14934@/talks/discussions


I'd love to try this camera.

Camera Resolution for Video: MTF - Modular Transfer Function Wed, 02 Mar 2016 07:55:53 -0700 tida 14681@/talks/discussions Hi, I currently develop a tool which should display an MTF curve in real time from monitor screen. This should be the best method to analyse perceived sharpness or resolution. I used several cameras like GH2, OMD EM 5 mark II, iPhone 6s... As soon as it comes to video I can hardly see any difference in resolution according MTF50 value. At 50% it's always 2pixels difference between black and white and hence the optimum which could be achieved.

Something here I miss or I do wrong. The discussion about resolution compared to different cameras goes on and on but I cannot track differences down by the MTF method.

Below you can see just the tool which I called evaluSCOPE as well as a 400% crop of the sine wave test pattern grapped by 1080p with an old FD 35mm lens at F2.0 using the Olympus OMD EM 5 mark II:


2016 cinema cameras test Fri, 19 Feb 2016 20:49:38 -0700 MikeLinn 14616@/talks/discussions

Smartphone camera vs DSLR Mon, 01 Feb 2016 03:08:44 -0700 Vitaliy_Kiselev 14518@/talks/discussions image


Cinema 4k (4096 x 2160): NX1 vs GH4 Mon, 18 Jan 2016 06:41:25 -0700 Mckinise 14454@/talks/discussions We've seen comparisons between the GH4 and the NX1 UHD (3840 x 2160), but has anyone done a comparison of the image quality between the GH4 and the NX1 in Cinema 4k (4096 x 2160) mode?

Very interesting in the following:




Low light:

Rolling Shutter:

Kodak Wide Gate Super 8 camera Wed, 06 Jan 2016 09:33:25 -0700 kurth 14390@/talks/discussions image

It has a max gate dimension of 16:10 and gets only 90 seconds at crystal controlled 24p. C-mount. The film will sold as a package including scanning. This is strange because normal super 8 at 24fps is over 2 minutes. This makes me believe that the image is being applied horizontally to the film plane because the specs say the cartridge is 50 feet. An other guesses ?

Well, obviously not so after looking at the video V posted .


Help to decide: RX10/100 or Nx500 or A6000 or G(x)7 Sat, 01 Aug 2015 17:46:10 -0600 vulgatron 13491@/talks/discussions Hi everyone, I'm currently using a GX7 with the PanaLeica 25 1.4 and a 14mm 2.5 as my main camera. It does great, but sometimes I miss more dynamic range and more DOF, so I'm considering moving to an APS system. I mainly use my camera for video, but also need a cam that takes good pics.

Do you thing the A6000 with the 16-50, 35 1.8 and sigma 60 2.8 would be an improvement over my actual equipment? I have no rigs so stabilised lenses are a plus for video. Ideally I'll get a EM5 (II) but the video seems kinda lacking.

On the other side, 4k is very appealing, since I can get better 1080 and crop to stabilise clips, so I'm considering the NX500. I could get the NX500 with the 16-50, the 30 f2 and maybe the 45 1.8. Would this be a better choice, considering overall image quality?

What are your thoughts on lowlight video with this cameras? Does the APS sensor a better job than m4/3? Also any of those other lenses are comparable to the PanaLeica? I like how it renders everything. Which leads me to maybe even consider the G7 and keep the lenses, only the 25mm and then get the 14-42 kit.

Maybe that option makes more sense unless there's a considerable difference with any of the other combos.

I would love to get 120fps (i know the nx500 does it at 720) but the NX1 or GH4 are out of my range. So I'm even considering the new RX100 iv, since the zoom range works great for me, would that be a step back? Specially DR and lowlight performing or the SLOG is an advantage?

Please let me know your thoughts and experiences so I can clear up my mind!


Best lightweight (500g max) 4K camera Mon, 16 Nov 2015 12:34:20 -0700 swp 14070@/talks/discussions Hi, I'm trying to find a lightweight camera for aerial filming with best possible IQ. I'm limited to 400-500 grams as I don't have budget to upgrade my copter now. High bitrate is really important for the wide angle lanscapes with lots of details. I've made some research but would like to read your opinions.

RX100, Nex-5R, a6000, a5100, NX500 etc ....

Thanks for your help


RICOH KR-10 OR MINOLTA X-300s, what would you recommend, what should I BUY ? Mon, 12 Oct 2015 14:09:45 -0600 nycaroline 13923@/talks/discussions Hi!! I am planning to buy my first (manual) analog camera and trying to decide which one to buy. I have done a little research and discovered these two. I have a propositions of


or minolta X-300s Minolta 3.5 28mm

When it comes to X-300s Minolta I also have a possibility to choose one of those lenses: MD ROKKOR 45/2 or MD Tokina 28/2,8.

Which one would you recommend? I am just starting my adventure with the analog photography and I need a good and easy gear I can get to know really well and appreciate extensively during (especially ) this year and the years to come.

Thank you for your thoughts and opinions !!!!

Design a Perfect Camera Tue, 10 Nov 2015 15:18:45 -0700 Azo 14050@/talks/discussions

I agree with most of what was said in the video especially the connectivity portion. The DNG files for raw really makes sense and I have no clue why the camera manufactures don't just settle on one format once and for all. The lens mount is debatable but makes sense because Canon has the largest share of the market. In regards to DSLR's losing more and more market share, it comes down to the simple fact that people always carry their phones with them and sometimes it is a nuisance to carry around a camera. Add in the fact that the phones can actually take pretty good pictures and that people just want to capture that particular moment. They don't really care about dynamic range, depth of field, white balance etc all they care about is capturing the moment with the least amount of trouble.

Chime in with your thoughts ;-)

Lytro Immerge Thu, 05 Nov 2015 17:04:15 -0700 Vitaliy_Kiselev 14035@/talks/discussions image

Are the cameras we buy top of the line or dumbed down for the market? Fri, 30 Aug 2013 04:52:14 -0600 Riker 7947@/talks/discussions I'm not really familiar with R&D process and policies of any big camera manufacturer (obviously), but I was they deliberately make their cameras "sub-par" in order to leave space for the next quarter upsells and upgrades?

Would Lumix department really suffer financially if they made GH3 a 200 mbps raw camera? How much leeway do they really leave in the specification departement? I understand they have to make their product as fail-proof as possible, but do they really push the limits to the brink of "safe" line each time they introduce the new model?

Or do they deliberately slack a little bit to make us buy the new model next year?

Similar question goes to the lens industry. I know good optics cost money but would Lumix profits really drop and suffer if their 14mm lens was 1.4 instead 2.5?

Searching for a new camera companion Tue, 01 Sep 2015 06:51:26 -0600 kolinko 13638@/talks/discussions hi everybody!

I've been following various posts for some days regarding research for a new camera for my video works after having used the canon sx200 for several years to shoot video. For my last work (degree show video at art school) I borrowed a gh1 and I quite liked it, but only due to the existence of this enormous lively community which enriches video life to such a high degree! thanks for that girls and guys!! For the work with the hacked (using mostly 100Mbps Max Latitude Settings V2) gh1 I bought myself two voigtlander noctron prime lenses, one 42.5mm (equiv. 85mm) and one 17.5mm (equiv. 35mm) which I quite enjoyed. I also used a photo tripod, one LED extra light and the great sound device t702 with a great 20 yrs old neumann mic from my school. I search for a camera that works well with these two micro4/3 prime lenses.

I now think about getting either the nx500, gh2/3/4(?), nx1, maximum 1000 EUR. But then I still want to have a lot of extra equipment like for sound, tripod, monitoring and so on. By the way is it possible to use a Mac-Book Air as a live monitor with any of these? I have absolutely no experience and I feel a little bit overwhelmed with all that extra research/equipment, trying to figure out everything here at the forum. Getting a lot of extra gear slowly is wanted, I want to grow up using more and more specific equipment for monitoring, recording sound, follow focus...

For my approach to video/cinema I never worked for money (except for one apprenticeship) so far, my personal projects are non-funded projects and I do operate everything myself (sound, video, editing, even standing in front of the camera) so far. I’d like to shoot either still or handheld mostly, considering the possibility to buy a rig or something similar one day. I’m not so much the studio and big team guy until now...

Since I'm so unsure about what I need maybe I should for the start just go for the gh1 body only costing me 240EUR?

The fact that panasonic goes to three years of guarantee (gh3/4) sounds tempting to me as well. I guess I'm too unsure/experimental and too easy to manipulate.

Thanks in advance! kolinko

GH3 or Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera Fri, 30 May 2014 16:40:18 -0600 tedbrah 10494@/talks/discussions I'm looking into buying either a GH3 or a Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera, both of them look great in video but both of them have their problems and quirks. The video from the Black Magic looks better shooting raw and prores. The GH3 can shoot 60P in 1080 which will be useful. The GH3 also has the rotatable OLCD screen. The pocket doesn't have great audio. I can get both for the same price.